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Tony Fruscella - Pernod (1948/1955)

Исполнитель: Tony Fruscella
Название альбома: Pernod
Год выпуска: 1999
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 92 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

The legendary Tony Fruscella was early identified as a very special, personal and creative modern trumpeter.

After playing in an army band he worked with Lester Young and Gerry Mulligan (1954) and performed and recorded with Stan Getz (1955). He also made recordings with his own groups in 1955, including the album I’ll Be Seeing You
(Atlantic 1220). From the late 1950s, Tony Fruscella’s career was impeded by his addiction to drugs, but he played occasionally with the trumpeter Don Joseph.
The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz

"If I were an artist, I would paint Fruscella in the Renaissance manner. A side portrait of him bent in concentration over the horn which produced the flowing and delicate music. The usual background landscape would be strewn with a couple of wives, countless chicks,
barbiturate containers, and empty bottles. His artistic life, however, was in sharp contrast. He was completely austere and disciplined. There was not a commercial
chromosome in his body".
Robert Reisner

01. Blue Bells
02. Roundup Times
03. Get Happy
04. Dear Old Stockol
05. Pernod
06. Foo's
07. Flues
08. Oh Yeah
09. Little Orgg
10. Out of Nowhere
11. Flues*
12. Little Orgg*
13. Out of Nowhere*

(*) Bonus tracks

Tr. 6 - 13 - recorded in New York December 10, 1948
Tony Fruscella’s first recording session is not a particularly outstanding one. Traces of his later style can be heard, such as the fluffy, almost insecure attack
and a penchant for the lower register of his horn. All in all, however, one could hardly call TF a particularly promising player at this stage of his career. Even for a player not known to lean very much on rhythmic elements in his soloing, the problems of time seem to get in his way, possibly due to sheer indecisiveness, as in "Oh Yeah". Many soli seem to be repetitive in ideas, like "Foo’s". The two takes of "Little Orgg" contain quite nice playing though, even if TF in take A suffers from the slight confusion created by the horns disagreeing upon whether the head statement should be repeated or not. A nice, personal statement can also be heard on the first chorus of take B of "Out of Nowhere".
The session also as a whole suffers from a onesidedness in choice of tempi, as well as a rather inferior piano.

Tony Fruscella, trumpet; Wilfred Robert "Chick" Maures, alto sax; Bill Triglia, piano; Red Mitchell, bass; Dave Troy, drums

Tr. 3-5 - recorded in New York, January 23, 1955
Tr. 1, 2 - recorded in New York, January 31, 1955

Stan Getz Quintet
Tony Fruscella, trumpet; Stan Getz, tenor sax; Johnny Williams, piano; Bill Anthony, bass; Frank Isola, drums



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