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Simone Graziano - Frontal (2013)

Исполнитель: Simone Graziano
Название альбома: Frontal
Год выпуска: 2013
Формат файлов: mp3,320 kbps
Размер архива: 176,7 Mb
Скачать с: depositfiles

Coming from a well-established technical preparation, poised between free sounds and influences of the New York school, Simone Graziano-Tuscan composer and composer -consolida in Frontal -second discographic experience as a leader -a refined stylistic maturity. At the head of an exceptional quintet records undoubtedly inspired performances.
The music moves perfectly between the refinement of the obliged parts - often built on the layered succession of melodic and rhythmic cells - and the free interaction between the players.

The characteristic aspect of the recording is given by a dialectic perception of music, in which each musician confronts around the ideas of Gratian, each offering his own contribution. In the general economy no instrumental voice prevails over the others, not even the piano.
Many of the compositions have a circular shape. The parts chase each other chasing each other in a spiral. In this game the standard idea of ​​canonical accompaniment of the theme gets lost; each voice turns behind or in front of another ("Away from Here" and "Tre Spirali").
In "Tekehiko" it also happens that the drums of the perfect Stefano Tamborrino played the main role, breaking down rhythmic spaces into elaborate percussive acrobatics. Supporting the drums are the two saxes, piano and drums, which persevere with conviction an additional idea of ​​rhythm.

All this expressive universe demonstrates the absolute will to democratize the instrumental parts. The numerous collective improvisations - in structured pieces that in those openly free - are a tangible example.

Closes the disc a suggestive and original ballad in solo piano, "Carolina." The piece escapes from the cliché of the classic notes contained in the schemes of many jazz standards. It allows the listener to appreciate a truly original succession of melodic and harmonic events that elude the expectations of the user.

Simone Graziano's music is a mirror of pulsating tension and disarming sensibility. It includes the overlapping of breaths, invests tensile and rhythmic aspects together with spaces in which aerial frequencies full of energy resonate. It is modeled on the quivering exploration of circular structures finding a perfect balance in moments of aschematic sound freedom. The masterful role played by David Binney and Chris Speed ​​allows the project to rise further to the rank of high quality evidence. Overall, Frontal makes it like a record of international scope. - By LUIGI SFORZA

1 Frontal
2 Lucyne
3 Tre Spirali
4 Rock Song #2
5 Takehiko
6 No Words at All
7 Away from Here
8 Rock Song #1
9 As a First Point
10 Nocturnal Fly
11 Carolina

David Binney alto sax
Chris Speed tenor sax
Simone Graziano piano
Gabriele Evangelista double bass
Stefano Tamborrino drums

Auand Records AU9033 Italy



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