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Sergio Coppotelli - Eclectic Taste (2012/2014)

Исполнитель: Sergio Coppotelli
Название альбома: Eclectic Taste
Год выпуска: 2012/2014
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 156 MB
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01. Just In My Age (5:42)
02. Walking In The Park (4:41)
03. My Greatest And Last Love (5:02)
04. Giant Steps (7:52)
05. La Trottola (5:18)
06. Summer Dream (5:46)
07. My Favorite Things (8:49)
08. E Non Sbattere La Porta (4:04)
09. Un Altro Giorno Senza Te (4:40)
10. Samba Love Brasil (6:53)
11. My Favorite And Romantic Waltz (2:15)
12. Persone (3:26)

Sergio Coppotelli was born in Rome in 1929 and is the most gifted among the guitarists romans of his generation from the point of view of technical-instrumental, also thanks to academic studies in-depth. Musician of value, a contemporary of Carlo Pes, Enzo Grillini and Angelo Baroncini, he, like others in Europe in the Forties, was struck down by a recording of Django Reinhardt. Later discovered Charlie Christian, who was at the beginning, its most inspiring, and then the Les Paul, not the one of overdubs and duets with Mary Ford, but the previous one still tied to the jazz. His activities, first with the complex of Bruno Martino, then in the Orchestra of Modern Rhythms Radio — where, in 1974, after having won a competition, replaced Mario Gangi, which in turn had detected Melodious — not allowed, however, to emerge immediately. After having taken part with the orchestra a series of concerts organized by She at the Theatre of the Opera and also directed by Gil Evans, George Russell, Archie Shepp, with whom he had the opportunity to put into light all of its quality jazz, Coppotelli says that Gil Evans, with whom he had created a great understanding of music, the chatted in front of colleagues of the orchestra with the greatest compliment of his life: “Sergio I'm glad to hear you”. Rare his recordings in that time, while they were more frequent his participations in concerts. Appeared on the jazz scene on the 24th of may 1949, when the Hot Club Roma hosted a jam session where musicians already well — known- Nunzio Rotondo, Bruno Martino, Carlo Loffredo, Umberto Cesàri, Sergio Battistelli — appeared for the first time three new faces: two guitarists, Carlo Pes and Sergio Coppotelli, and a drummer, But - rio Fioroni.
A few years later, on the 22nd of April 1955, to the late-Night revelers, one of the first clubs where in Rome it was possible to listen to the jazz, he performed in a concert, reviewed in the local press, a little too emphatically as the Jazz at the Philharmonic Italian. It was attended by musicians from rome and other cities engaged in the various clubs of the via Veneto area. It was a time — that would be gone soon — when in the night it was still possible to play music derived from jazz. The musicians who went up on the small stage of the Nightcrawlers, organized in various groups were born spontaneously, they gave rise to a series of jam according to the method introduced by Norman Granz. The first training was the one with the trumpet, Nino Culasso, the saxophonist Marcello Woods, vibraphonist Bruno Brighetti, the pianist Bruno Martino, Sergio Coppotelli, bass Peppe Paper and Baldo Rossi, the orchestra Ferrari, and drummer Luciano Messina, which were added to the guests: the trumpet, and the drummer, brazilian Solon Gonçalves and Jadir Castro, and the sax in turin (but resident in Venice), Renato Geremia, who were "literally stunning" according to what is written by the critic Carlo Peroni.
Sergio Coppotelli Peroni wrote: "guitarist, well-trained and ultra-modern, refined taste, and imaginative vein, effective leader in the Lady Be Good had ideas of the class."
Coppotelli continued to divide between jazz and commercial music until in 1985, when he resigned from the Orchestra of the RAI, and produced his first album with the Jazz Quintet of Rome, with the collaboration of pianists Stefano Sabatini, Antonello Vannucchi, bass-Francesco Puglisi and Massimo Moriconi, and drummer Giampaolo Ascolese and saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco.
After that first job Sergio Coppotelli has made other five, with the collaboration of Massimo Urbani (as Special Guest in “55 Years young... Old That Jazz”), Stefano Di Battista, Giancarlo Maurino, Cinzia Gizzi, John Arnold, Pino Sallusti, Stefano Sabatini, and others. The last disc of this series, published by AlfaMusic titled Goin’ Only was made in solitary, and includes the last two songs in a meeting with Jim Hall, a guest day at her home.
After 15 years from the first disc of’85, in this new work, Sergio Coppotelli has asked his old friends, Maurizio Giammarco, Giampaolo Ascolese to join again to him to make recordings published by AlfaMusic with the title Eclectic Taste (Before and After I turned 80...), in which–, to celebrate his eighty years – have added to him the musicians among the most well-known Italian jazz today, as Giovanni Tommaso, Stefano Cantarano, Roberto Gatto, Pino Jodice, Cinzia Gizzi, and the singer Joy Garrison, and Ada Montellanico.

Sergio Coppotelli, guitar, arrangements, compositions
Roberto Gatto, Giampaolo Ascolese, drums
Giovanni Tommaso, Stefano Cantarano, double bass
Pino Jodice, Cinzia Gizzi, piano
Maurizio Giammarco, sax
Ada Montetllanico, Joy Garrison, voice

Recorded at AlfaMusic Studio, Roma, Italy.



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