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Sant Andreu Jazz Band - Joan Chamorro presenta Alba Armengou (2019)

Исполнитель: Sant Andreu Jazz Band
Название альбома: Joan Chamorro presenta Alba Armengou
Год выпуска: 2019
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 184,8 MB
Скачать с: turbobit.net

1. Diz Que Fui Por Aí 02:55
2. Yesterdays 04:59
3. Nobody Else But Me 05:18
4. Dança da Solidão 05:45
5. No Moon at All 04:52
6. Shiny stockings 05:38
7. Pela Luz Dos Olhos Teus 03:15
8. Stolen Moments 04:17
9. Pra Machucar Meu Coração 04:50
10. I Feel Pretty 04:12
11. In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning 04:44
12. Meditação 06:59
13. Flower Is a Lovesome Thing 05:22
14. Outra Vez 04:44
15. When I fall in love 04:51
16. I Was Doing all Right 03:55

Thirteen years of jazz and 11 "Joan Chamorro presents ...", in this cas part of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band in 2009, when he was 7 years old. He has always been a serious, punctual and responsible person. His first instrument is the trumpet, but he is also a saxophonist (alto and soprano) and vocalist.

One of my ways of facing the musical pedagogy is to absolutely believe that all students are different, that everyone has different times. That there are many factors that make decisions and take one way or another. Alba has always been a good performer, with a good time, good sound, more than correct tuning, regardless of the instrument (voice, saxophones, trumpet ...) and Alba, following her own path, has decided that all those positive characteristics she wants to put at the service of being herself, of being Alba Armengou, the trumpeter and saxophonist who, apart from interpreting, can create. The Alba that has a voice that is more and more its own, more personal, more recognizable.
It was not only worth being a good interpreter. Jazz needs something more than that ... because this music needs commitment, it needs us to contribute much more to ourselves, because this music implies taking sides, through improvisation, through the knowledge of history, through the need to listen every day, to learn new themes, to get involved and want to enter this exciting game of this wonderful music.
And there is Alba, fully, looking for her own voice, a speech of her own, enjoying being aware that every day you are a little bit more in the game and that this is infinite and that this search, in short, is our way of life. , passionate, with hope and enjoying every moment on our way.
This new CD, with most of the wonderful arrangements by Joan Monné, shows us a Alba Armengou with a personal sensitivity in her voice, especially in bossanovas, and also shows us, with her first recorded improvisations, how great and wonderful her future as jazzwoman.
Alba is 17 years old at the time of this recording and a lifetime ahead to continue delighting us with her art.

Joan Chamorro (double bass)
Carla Motis (guitarra y voz)
Alba Esteban (saxo baritono, voz)
Joana Casanova (saxo y voz)
Victor Carrascosa, (trompeta)
Elsa Armengou, (trompeta)
Joan Codina, (trombon)
Max Tato, (trombon)
Marçal Perramon (saxo tenor)
Andrea Motis (voz y trompeta)
Rita Payés (trombón)
Abril Saurí (bateria, voz y trompeta)
Alba Armengou (saxos alto, soprano, trompeta y voz)
Joan Martí (saxos alto, tenor, soprano, voz y flauta travesera)
Èlia Bastida (saxo tenor, voz y violín)
Jan Domènech (piano)
Joan Mar Sauqué (trompeta)
Pablo Ruiz (bateria)
Ignasi Terraza (piano)
Josep Traver (guitarra)
Scott Hamilton (saxo tenor)



(23.05.19 - 08:44) - garson:

Спасибо, очень приятно!!


(7.06.19 - 20:15) - JazzLover54:

Спасибо, есть информация о выходе 12-го альбома: Joan Chamorro presenta Carla Motis (2019)


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