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Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra - Duke Ladies Vol.1 (2021)

Исполнитель: Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra
Название альбома: Duke Ladies Vol.1
Год выпуска: 2021
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 140,5 MB
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01 Love You Madly (2:41)
02 Black Beauty (Portrait of Florence Mills) (3:07)
03 Cotton tail (5:14)
04 Warm valley (3:37)
05 Bakiff (4:49)
06 Satin doll (4:20)
07 T.G.T.T (2nd Sacred concert) (2:33)
08 Congo Square (A drum is a woman) (4:41)
09 Sophisticated Lady (2:54)
10 Balcony Serenade (The Perfume Suite) (3:06)
11 Blues for New Orleans (New Orleans Suite) (7:04)
12 Le sucrier velour (The Queen's Suite) (3:29)
13 The tattooed bride (12:02)

At the helm of his Duke Orchestra, Laurent Mignard signs the first part of a new and ambitious two-volume discographic project: Duke Ladies (at Juste une Trace). An ode to women, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the American pianist, conductor and composer, carried by ten shock guests - including singers Natalie Dessay and Roberta Gambarini and organist Rhoda Scott -, each embodying one of the facets of ellingtonian aesthetics.

For nearly 20 years, the trumpeter and conductor Laurent Mignard at the head of his Duke Orchestra has explored the buried riches of the Ellingtonian work to illuminate its beauties, in the half-light of the recording studios as well as in concert at the light of the trays. “Ellington's music was incredibly rich and I have no doubts that it was centered around image. Duke had at one time envisioned a career in the decorative arts. He hated green, loved blue (royal blue, especially blue curtains) and revered originality. Known for good manners, he cultivated his image with care and had an impressive wardrobe. Musically, he brought as much value to (clean) songs as to the skilful elaboration of orchestral sound images evoking trains, landscapes, a city, the Harlem district, the crowd, the animals of the jungle, the little creatures of the night, the characters of Shakespeare, the romantic sky of Paris, the peoples… and of course the women. The only limit Ellington imposed on himself was his imagination. And there was no shortage of them ... "confides Laurent Mignard. After the recent triumph of his project "Jazzy Poppins", echoing the album "Duke Ellington Plays Mary Poppins" recorded in 1964, Laurent Mignard is already engaged in a new adventure: Duke Ladies. A vast program which will be the subject of two successive discographic releases: a first part which comes out this re-entry on the label Juste une Trace, then a second volume announced for the spring with a big Parisian concert to the key.

Venusian Grace of Ellington's Music

The project aims to highlight Duke Ellington's affinities with the feminine world, by illustrating the influence of women in the inspiration of Duke Ellington, from the fragrances of the Perfume Suite to the orchestral frescoes The Queen's Suite without forgetting some compositions as famous as Sophisticated Lady or Satin Doll which are true musical portraits… Beyond the glamor of the theme chosen in Duke Ladies, this concept-album is of rare aesthetic relevance in that it underlines the very feminine nature of the song. ellingtonian musical signature. By its sophistication, delicacy and mystery, all of Ellington's music seems to be bathed in a halo of Venusian grace… "Duke was a charmer, to be sure, but he was also charming. He was a master of the art of telling women what they wanted to hear: "My dear ... how you make that dress look pretty!" ". Beyond this need to seduce (and to be seduced), he loved women deeply, for that essential supplement of soul that they bring to life ... Like most of them, he liked to get out of the way. time passing, to be ecstatic in front of beauty and to connect with others. These multiple forays into the feminine world have obviously nourished a work carried by men, but of which women are the object of all attention "underlines Mignard. To serve these scores with insane charm, timeless and therefore of an intact modernity, Laurent Mignard logically puts forward the musicians of his big band (Aurélie Tropez, alto sax, clarinet; Julie Saury, drums), and calls on an areopagus magnificent guests, including Natalie Dessay (vocals), Rhoda Scott (hammond organ), Roberta Gambarini (vocals), but also singers Nicolle Rochelle, Myra Maud, Sylvia Howard, Aurore Voilqué (violin) and Rachelle Plas (harmonica) .

Jean-Luc Caradec

Label: Juste Une Trace

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