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Joe Williams - Sentimental & Melancholy (1961)

Исполнитель: Joe Williams
Название альбома: Sentimental & Melancholy
Год выпуска: 1961
Формат файлов: mp3 320kb/s cbr
Размер архива: 70mb
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An overlooked gems from the great Joe Williams—an excellent side featuring him singing in a classier and more laidback style than usual! Gone are the easy swinging blues of the Basie years, and in their place are a set of round, warm, and mellow tones that we really love—a genre-crossing style of vocals that could have easily put Joe up there in the ranks of some of the pop greats of the late 50s. Part of the credit goes to arranger Jimmy Jones—who’s giving Joe some of the best backings of his career, in a mode that’s similar to Jimmy’s work with female singers of the period. But Joe’s the real hero here, as he shifts his style amazingly, to incredibly sensitive renditions of tunes that include “For All We Know”, “Love Is The Sweetest Thing”, “Day By Day”, “Just As Though You Were Here”, “You Leave Me Breathless”, “Did I Remember”, “Just Plain Lonesome”, and “Stay As Sweet As You Are”. (Original pressing with the multi-colored bar logo. Cover’s a little dirty and has some ring & edge wear, with split seams and writing in pen on the front and back.)
~ Dusty Groove America, Inc. ©

Label - Roulette

Arranged By, Conductor – Jimmy Jones

1. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
2. Day By Day
3. Just As Though You Were Here
4. For All We Know
5. You Leave Me Breathless
6. Love Is The Sweetest Thing
7. Did I Remember
8. Darn That Dream
9. Stay As Sweet As You Are
10. Just Plain Lonesome
11. Ocean Melody: How Deep Is The Ocean/Contented

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