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Enzo Amazio Quintet - Essence (2015)

Исполнитель: Enzo Amazio Quintet
Название альбома: Essence
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 cbr
Размер архива: 125,7 mb
Скачать с: turbobit.net

Returning with the mind to the beautiful seasons that jazz has experienced in its most recent and casual moments, at moments that have helped to refine the essence of new solo qualities that have given life to a Modern Mainstream, always updated with the best genesis of the Rock and "border music".
Accomplice to the subtlety flexibility that finds its main strengths in the more plastic voices of the instruments, Enzo Amazio proposes a personal emotional journey through tracks like "2014" (mindful of the atmospheres most dear to Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Mike Stern and George Benson) or the lively “1967”, whose harmonic intuitions are the vehicle for inspired and gritty solos, among which the fluidity of rhythm is interposed, the Savoir Faire of the pianists Tommy De Paola and Francesco Marziani, and the Groove of Rocco Di Maiolo on sax and Gabriele Mirabassi on the clarinet, whose comments balance Hard Bop and Swing in an atmosphere that seems to bring, transversely, tradition and evolution into a Varietas of references and forms that allow to exhibit a mobility of breath and a elegant attention to the milder and colloquial implications, as in "Essence" and in "Song for Gabriel", free space between the penumbra of Ballad and the decided No tturno of soft, oblique and diaphanous melodies.
The fading of time in the Blue Notes' contemporary wills does not always present an interpretation so pleasant and so spontaneously contaminated by multifaceted impressionisms and warm evanescence between Soul Jazz and the sunny / reflective Mediterranean climate evoked by that "Dolce Napoli" so close to grace Neapolitan of the best Pino Daniele.
As a guitarist and composer Amazio shows a historical skill capable of referring to the lyrical experiences of Jim Hall and the elegant measure of Wes Montgomery, smoothing the inventive counterpoint with the agile clarity of those who know how to translate Pragmatism into a subtle expressive version it's bright.

Enzo Amazio, guitars
Rocco di Maiolo, sax
Tommy De Paola, piano
Francesco Marziani, piano
Gennaro Di Costanzo, double bass
Corrado Cirillo, double bass
Enzo De Rosa, drums
Sergio Di Natale, drums
Agostino Mas, percussions
Special guest:
Gabriele Mirabassi, clarinet

Label: Alfa Music

01. 2014 4:58
02. Dolce Napoli 8:15
03. 1967 5:34
04. Mille baci 5:24
05. Irreversibile 6:00
06. In & Out 3:47
07. Mister John 3:59
08. Essence 6:20
09. Reflection 3:56
10. Song for Gabriel 5:06



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