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Wynton Marsalis - The Music of America (2012)

Исполнитель: Wynton Marsalis
Название альбома: The Music of America
Год выпуска: 2012
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 340.10 mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

The two-disc anthology The Music of America compiles tracks from trumpeter Wynton Marsalis' various recordings for Sony/Columbia with a particular focus on his work as a composer. Included are cuts from as far back as 1988's The Majesty of the Blues, all the way through 1992's Citi Movement, 1993's In This House on This Morning, 1997's Pulitzer Prize-winning Blood on the Fields, and 2002's All Rise. While there are some small group septet sessions here, as with the soulful, spiritual-inflected "Sunflowers" off 1999's Marciac Suite, most of the cuts featured are large ensemble pieces written for the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra that showcase Marsalis' talent for composing and arranging layered, bluesy, and swinging material. An oft-touted trumpet virtuoso (a talent on display throughout these recordings), Marsalis is an equally gifted composer who mixes straight-ahead jazz, New Orleans jazz, classical music, African-American church music, and even Latin and European traditions into his work. This urbane and worldly approach, born out of his Southern upbringing and a history student's keen eye for cultural connectivism, as well as a reflective interest in such themes as love and loss, the human condition, industrialization, and the uniquely American theme of slavery, makes The Music of America a heady and fruitful listening experience.

Disc 1

1 - Jazz: 6 1/2 Syncopated Movements; Express Crossing (Astride Iron Horses)
2 - Jazz: 6 1/2 Syncopated Movements; "D" in the Key of "F"; (Now the Blues)
3 - Jump Start - The Mastery of Melancholy; Jump
4 - Station Call
5 - The Caboose
6 - Sweet Release; Church: Renewing Vows (Instrumental)
7 - Go, Possum, Go (Instrumental)
8 - Jean-Louis Is Everywhere
9 - For My Kids At The Collège Of Marciac
10 - Sunflowers
11 - At the Octoroon Balls - String Quartet No. 1 ; Hellbound Highball (Instrumental)
12 - A Fiddler's Tale Suite; The Fiddler's March (Instrumental)
13 - All Rise; Movement 1: Jubal Step
14 - Movement 12: I Am (Don't You Run From Me) from All Rise (Edit)

Disc 2
1 - The Majesty Of The Blues (The Puheeman Strut)
2 - Jump Start - The Mastery of Melancholy; The Dance
3 - Move Over (Edit)
4 - Double Rondo On The River (Pedro's Getaway)
5 - Spring Yaounde
6 - Soul For Sale
7 - Altar Call
8 - In The Sweet Embrace of LifeSermon: Holy Ghost
9 - The Death Of Jazz
10 - Oh, But On The Third Day (Happy Feet Blues)



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