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The Amazing Benny Bailey - Mirrors (1971)

Исполнитель: Benny Bailey
Название альбома: Mirrors
Год выпуска: 1975
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 90,1 MB
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1. Mirrors {Benny Bailey} (6:51)
2. Effluves {Francy Boland} (5:51)
3. Flunkeyania {Francy Boland} (5:43)
4. Sum Umbra {Francy Boland} (6:44)
5. Everything Happens To Me {Matt Dennis} (5:21)
6. At Ronnie's {Benny Bailey} (7:29)

After the demise of the CBBB, Francy Boland plucked some of its best players for this 1971 date. While ostensibly a Benny Bailey outing it really is a Boland/Tony Coe production, with strings added to every cut. Bailey provides some nice, bluesy commentary along the way on trumpet, with his highly identifiable style. The namesake opener, Mirrors, immediately tells us what we're in for. With absolutely ravishing string-section support, Bailey dazzles on mute as does Boland on acoustic piano. An immersing experience and a great entry into this wonderful record. The next cut, Effluves, takes us right into the 12-tone area previously explored in Change of Scenes (and which pissed off Stan Getz no end). With Jean Warland's muscular walking underneath, this theme leads to a long disquisition by Bailey. Coe joins the 12-tone party on the next cut, Flunkania, and dazzles. Bailey really cannot match him in harmonic and melodic sophistication, but gamely tries. Boland punctuates nicely with electric piano. They slow things down a little on Sub Umbra, with long commentary by Bailey and Boland and by Shihab on flute. What a great player he was. Then comes Every Happens To Me, the Matt Dennis tune, that Bailey makes into the baldest statement of fact. Then Boland takes over on acoustic piano with a ringing, gorgeous solo. Finally comes the raucous At Ronnie's, a barn-burner from a few years earlier. Shihab gives off sparks on electric baritone (!) whilst Bailey finally gets to play the blues (about time!). Coe covers the universe with his staff-spanning gymnastics and Boland plays a fully Bolandesque solo on electric piano. ~ George Kaplan

Benny Bailey - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Tony Coe - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Sahib Shihab - Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Francy Boland - Piano, Arranger, Conductor
Jean Warland - Bass
Tony Inzalaco - Drums plus 12 strings section

Recorded 11th September, 1971 At Cornet Studios, Cologne, Germany

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