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Stan Getz & Chet Baker ‎- The Stockholm Concerts (3CD) (1983)

Исполнитель: Stan Getz & Chet Baker
Название альбома: The Stockholm Concerts 3CD
Год выпуска: 1998
Label: Verve Records ‎– 537 555-2
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 132,1/139,3/141,2 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

According to this set's annotator, Mike Hennessey, and Stan Getz's biographer, Donald Maggin, the circumstances surrounding the making of these 1983 recordings was unpleasant in the extreme. For various reasons, Getz was unhappy to be concertizing with Baker and forced him out before the 35-date tour was halfway finished. Before Baker left, however, the men played a pair of concerts in Stockholm, which were fortunately recorded for posterity. Fortunately not because Getz and Baker shared any special rapport that led to a classic performance, but because the resulting album gives listeners another example of how wonderful a player Chet Baker was, even after years of drug addiction and general dissolution. Getz is his typical self lyrical, facile almost to the point of glibness, but musical nevertheless. Baker, on the other hand, is as he ever was one of the most spontaneously creative, emotionally compelling voices in jazz. The band is good if unspectacular; drummer Victor Lewis was a particularly nice choice in that he could drive a band like this without overwhelming the rather brittle lead voices. And Getz is excellent; if you're a Getz fan, he's in fine form here, so you won't be disappointed. Baker, on the other hand, is superb; it's his inimitable musicality that ultimately makes this rather pricey three-disc set a bargain. ~ Chris Kelsey

1. Announcement(1:43)
2. Stablemates(10:50)
3. We'll Be Together Again(7:42)
4. On the Up and Up(10:52)
5. How Long Has This Been Going On(5:53)
6. O Grande Amor(7:08)
7. Just Friends (11:09)

1. My Funny Valentine(9:00)
2. Sipping at Bell's(8:40)
3. Stella by Starlight(5:40)
4. Airegin(7:46)
5. The Baggage Room Blues(8:33)
6. We'll Be Together Again(7:33)
7. I'll Remember April (11:10)

1. Annoucement(1:25)
2. Just Friends(8:38)
3. My Funny Valentine(8:22)
4. Sippin' at Bell's(9:02)
5. Blood Count(5:04)
6. Milestones(9:55)
7. Airegin(8:47)
8. Dear Old Stockholm(5:28)
9. Line for Lyons(2:12)

Stan Getz (tenor saxophone); Chet Baker (vocals, trumpet); Jim McNeely (piano); George Mraz (bass); Victor Lewis (drums).

Recording Date February 18, 1983

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