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Paul Chambers - Chambers' Music: A Jazz Delegation From The East (1956) re-up

Исполнитель: Paul Chambers
Название альбома: Chambers' Music: A Jazz Delegation From The East
Год выпуска: 1957
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 157,5 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

The first sessions as a leader for bassist Paul Chambers were recorded while he was a member of the Miles Davis Quintet. The first six selections feature Chambers with pianist Kenny Drew, drummer Philly Joe Jones, and (on four numbers) the immortal tenor saxophonist John Coltrane. This somewhat obscure date includes such jazz standards as "Dexterity" and "Stablemates" along with "Easy to Love" and three straight-ahead group originals. Coltrane dominates the numbers he is on, although his sound was not quite mature yet. Although none of this music is classic, it does give listeners a valuable early look at these important jazzmen.

[Three bonus tracks added on the Blue Note 1989 CD reissue were listed as being from April 20, 1955, but the 2010 remastered edition on Fresh Sound clarified that the session took place exactly a year later. Chambers, Jones, and Coltrane welcome two young musicians recently transplanted from Detroit: baritonist Pepper Adams and trombonist Curtis Fuller. In addition, pianist Roland Alexander is on the lengthy "Trane's Strain."] ~ Scott Yanow

1.Dexterity (6:44)
2.Stablemates (5:52)
3.Easy To Love (3:50)
4.Visitation (4:53)
5.John Paul Jones (Aka Trane's Blues) (6:54)
6.Eastbound (4:21)
7.Trane's Strain (11:00)
8.High Step (8:09)
9.Nixon, Dixon & Yates Blues (8:26)

# 1-6: John Coltrane (tenor sax); Kenny Drew (piano); Paul Chambers (bass); Philly Joe Jones (drums). Western Recorders, Hollywood, March 1956.

# 7-9: John Coltrane (tenor sax); Pepper Adams (baritone sax); Curtis Fuller (trombone); Roland Alexander (piano); Paul Chambers (bass); Philly Joe Jones (drums). Cambridge, Mass. April 1955



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