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The Paolo Fresu Quartet - Angel (1997)

Исполнитель: The Paolo Fresu Quartet
Название альбома: Angel
Год выпуска: 1998
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 170 MB
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01. Everything Happens To Me {Matt Dennis, Tom Adair} (5:38)
02. Walkabout {Paolo Fresu} (6:31)
03. Fellini {Paolo Fresu} (5:57)
04. Elogio Del Discanto [In Praise Of The Discanto] {Paolo Fresu} (4:01)
05. Saïgon {Furio Di Castri} (7:28)
06. Accarezzame [Caress Me] {Pino Calvi, Nicola Salermo} (3:55)
07. Variazione Cinque [Variation Five] {Paolo Fresu} (2:48)
08. El Saola [The Saola] {Dominique Borker, Nguyên Lê} (4:31)
09. Song One {Dominique Borker, Nguyên Lê} (3:10)
10. Sueños [Dreams] {Furio Di Castri} (8:00)
11. Dove Niente Accade [Where Nothing Happens] {Paolo Fresu} (3:35)
12. Il Gatto E La Volpe [The Cat And The Fox] {Paolo Fresu} (6:07)
13. Real Time {Dominique Borker, Nguyên Lê} (2:22)
14. Angel {Jimi Hendrix} (4:22)
15. I Fall In Love Too Easily {Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne} (3:06)

A native of Sardinia, Paolo Fresu has established himself for several years as one of the great voices on the trumpet since the disappearance of Miles. In a remarkably fluid speech, he incorporates sound elements from various origins, including electronic effects which he uses sparingly. Very active, he has several regular formations, mainly a quintet. But it is with the quartet with which he has been touring for three years that he made this recording. First of all, Nguyên Lê, French guitarist who has managed to achieve a subtle mix of rock sounds and jazz harmonies and makes intelligent use of the synth guitar. And a first-rate Italian rhythm, di Castri being known elsewhere for his superb compositions. The themes, apart from two standards, Angel by Jimi Hendrix and a traditional Italian song, indicative of the personality of the musicians of the group, clearly show that we are dealing here with a real quartet. "Fellini" by Fresu is particularly moving, as we know, one of the finest musical tributes that we have made to the master. "Sueños" (Dreams) by di Castri shows us that the bassist is also a great soloist. It is therefore a very beautiful album which will undoubtedly become a reference. ~ by Alain Le Roux

Paolo Fresu - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Electronics
Nguyên Lê - Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer
Furio Di Castri - Acoustic Bass, Electronics
Roberto Gatto - Drums
Ornella Vanoni - Vocals (#6)

Recorded 25th to 29th September 1997 At Esagono Studio, Rubiera, Italy

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