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Dexter Gordon - A Night In Tunisia: The Very Best Of Dexter Gordon (2014)

Исполнитель: Dexter Gordon
Название альбома: A Night In Tunisia: The Very Best Of Dexter Gordon
Год выпуска: 2014
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 278,8 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

1. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
2. Darn That Dream
3. A Night In Tunisia
4. Willow Weep For Me
5. Cheese Cake
6. Broadway
7. Where Are You
8. Second Balcony Jump
9. Three O'clock In The Morning
10. Scrapple From The Apple
11. Don't Explain
12. Devilette
13. Tanya
14. It's You Or No One
15. Society Red

Dexter Gordon was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 27, 1923. His father, Frank Gordon, was the physician of several prominent jazz musicians, including Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton.

Gordon took up the clarinet at age 13, switching to the saxophone shortly thereafter. Post-war Los Angeles was a center for jazz and a hotspot for the developing bebop style. This put Gordon in a perfect position to get his start among jazz greats, including Charles Mingus and Buddy Collette, while he was still a teenager. Gordon joined Lionel Hampton's band in 1940, rounding out a saxophone section that included Illinois Jacquet and Marshall Royal. In 1943, he made his first recordings under his own name and played with Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson and Billy Eckstine. He left Eckstine after several years and settled in New York City, performing and recording with Charlie Parker. He released his most famous recordings with Blue Note in the 1960s. These albums included Go and A Swingin' Affair. Gordon took part in regular tenor saxophone duels with another West Coast player, Wardell Gray, during this period.

It was also in the '60s that Gordon left the United States to live in Europe, primarily Paris and Copenhagen. There, he played regularly with fellow expatriates and continued to record for Blue Note. Gordon experienced better treatment in Europe, as a black man and a jazz player, than he had in the United States. He also found the change of scenery helpful in his struggle to kick his heroin habit, which had twice led to his imprisonment. While living in Denmark, Gordon became friends with the family of future Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, and was later named as Ulrich's godfather. Gordon returned to the United States in 1976. He performed a celebrated homecoming show at the Village Vanguard in New York and began recording regularly with Columbia Records. His albums with Columbia are credited with popularizing acoustic jazz that was not necessarily recorded in a crossover style.

In addition to his formidable musical talent, Gordon was an accomplished actor. In 1986, he starred in the film Round Midnight, receiving an Academy Award nomination (best actor) for his performance. He appeared in several other films and television shows, including the movie Awakenings, starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Awakenings was released after Gordon's death, in 1990.



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