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Clare Fischer - Out Of The Blue (2015) re-up

Исполнитель: Clare Fischer
Название альбома: Out Of The Blue
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 168,8 MB
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01. Love's Walk (Feat. Brent Fischer & Peter Erskine) (5:48)
02. Tema Do Boneco De Palha (Feat. Mike Shapiro & Brent Fischer) (4:22)
03. When You Wish Upon A Star/Someday My Prince Will Come (7:56)
04. Starbright (Feat. Brent Fischer & Peter Erskine) (4:20)
05. Two For The Road (3:42)
06. Cascade Of The Seven Waterfalls (Feat. Brent Fischer & Mike Shapiro) (6:25)
07. Out Of The Blue (Feat. John Proulx, Peter Erskine, Brent Fischer & Denise Donatelli) (4:30)
08. Millbrae Walk (Feat. Brent Fischer & Mike Shapiro) (2:54)
09. Amor Em Paz (3:16)
10. Squatty Roo (Feat. Brent Fischer) (5:21)
11. Nuages (Feat. Peter Erskine & Brent Fischer) (5:48)
12. Novelho (4:09)
13. 49 (Larry Ford) [Feat. Brent Fischer & Peter Erskine] (4:20)
14. Carnaval/A Felicidade/Samba De Orfeu (Feat. Mike Shapiro & Brent Fischer) (7:58)

It’s an amazing experience when, unexpectedly, a wish suddenly comes true. if it happens repeatedly, then that’s just plain good luck. and so it began years ago when i started archiving the written music library of my father, dr. Clare Fischer. i had hoped to find buried treasure in the stacks—material previously not seen or heard by others—that could be added to his public output. it has been one great find after another and it’s still happening!

Getting most of the music he wanted to perform himself recorded, as opposed to leaving some for others to play, took right up until the end of his life. as with his final concerts, when he was recording, there was an absolute joy of spontaneity. throughout his life, he felt that emotional content was always strongest during the first or second take so we always recorded that way, even if it meant minuscule imperfections were kept for the greater good of a heartfelt performance. i continue that practice today.

During the process of recording his original material, i almost lost sight of another important aspect of my dad’s brilliance: his ability to re-develop the compositions of others into unmistakably personal statements that had the qualities of a new work while still retaining the character of the piece as it was known. i’m proud to present here a compendium of previously unreleased original material, different settings for some originals plus arrangements of great american, latin and european standards.

The latest surprise came while in the middle of a busy schedule wrapping up this and a few other albums; Pluto and it’s largest moon charon came into view—out of the blue. i had to stop and look, filled with childhood memories of peeking through my dad’s telescope at celestial bodies, always yearning for more detail. We shared our fascination with astronomy for decades, constantly delighting at new images sent from telescopes or spacecraft. We hope you’ll explore these new recordings with that same sense of joy.

The title for Love’s Walk came about from the morning walks my dad took with his wife donna. they were so happy together. i think it shows in this trio rendition of what had previously been a solo piano piece on his album Introspectivo. —Brent Fischer

Dr. Clare Fischer – Keyboards, composer, arranger
Brent Fischer – Producer, arranger, all Percussion instruments, bass
Peter Erskine – drums on love’s Walk, starbright, out of the blue, nuages and 49
Mike Shapiro – drums on tema do boneco de Palha, cascade of the seven Waterfalls, Millbrae Walk, and carnaval / a Felicidade / samba de orpheu medley
Denise Donatelli – Vocals on out of the blue
John Proulx – Vocals on out of the blue recorded, edited and mixed by Matthew Brownlie and Brent Fischer

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