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Bill Evans - Very Early. Volume 1. 1943-1949 (2000)

Исполнитель: Bill Evans
Название альбома: Very Early. Volume 1
Год выпуска: 2000, E3 Records
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 107 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

It isn't surprising that a number of posthumous releases featuring the legendary pianist Bill Evans have appeared since his premature death at 51 in 1980, but of particular interest are the series of privately made recordings featuring Evans prior to his becoming a professional
recording artist. Even with the noise and frequent attempts at comic narration by one of the other band members on "The Way You Look Tonight," there are enjoyable moments. Of course, during a blindfold test it would be tough for anyone to identify Evans' playing during many of these
early recordings, as his style wasn't fully formed in the 1940s. His approach to "C-Jam Blues" is in a boogie-woogie vein, while "The Man I Love" receives a brisk loping treatment. The swinging track labeled "To Harry From Family - Improvising" is clearly based on the chord changes
to "Just You, Just Me." Evans made relatively few commercial recordings with singers (which included Tony Bennett, Lucy Reed, and Monica Zetterlund), so it is fun to hear him with vocalists on this CD. Dottie Drews' vocals aren't as memorable as the backing she receives, but she
isn't a bad singer. Art Hammond performs a rather obscure original by Evans, "It's Love, It's Christmas," which is played as a waltz with a rather straight-laced vocal. Of greatest interest to Evans' fans are the solo piano tracks: an imaginative, well-developed medley of "Body and Soul" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"; an intriguing rehearsal of "Toccata" by Khatchaturian, one of the rare opportunities to hear the pianist playing classical music (which he studied along with flute at Southeastern Louisiana College); and a pretty ballad medley centered around "Moonlight in Vermont." The vintage photographs of Bill Evans in his teens and the warm remembrances of bassist Connie Atkinson (who appears on several tracks) within the liner notes will add to the appeal that this unusual release will have for fans of Bill Evans.

"Bill Evans shapes and refines his influences into what would eventually become his own unique musical language." Charles Blancq, Jazz Historian

"Evans developement prior to '56 has been a matter of conjecture...but now, we're going to get some answers!" Harvey Pekar, Jazz Critic

"I decided to do myself and the Bill Evans fans the favor of restoring, preserving, and producing these historic tapes." Evan Evans, from JazzTimes Magazine

1. Willie "Fingers" Evans plays "The Way You Look Tonight" (Kern)
2. C-Jam Blues (Ellington)
3. The Man I Love (Gershwin)
4. To Harry From Family - "Ladies And Gentlemen"
5. To Harry From Family - Improvising
6. Embraceable You (Gershwin)
7. Body & Soul (Green)
8. The Best Man (Wise)
9. I May Be Wrong (Van Heusen)
10. Alamo (Lyons)
11. It's Love, It's Christmas
12. Body & Smoke Medley (Green, Kern)
13. Toccata (Khatchaturian)
14. Moonlight Medley (Porter, Mercer, Raksin)
15. Just You, Just Me (Hubbell)

Recorded 1943 - Aprill, 1949

Bill Evans, solo piano or with various instrumentalists including:
George Bache, tenor saxophone ; Connie Atkinson or Walt "Kaye" Kawalski, double bass ; Frank "Fluffy" Wrobel or Al Deilman, drums ; Dottie Drews, Art Hammond (tr.11), vocals ; Russ Locandro, clarinet.



(15.11.13 - 03:56) - russel:

Большущее, пэл!

Жаль разблюдовочки по годам нет... Эвансу в 43ем было 14... продижи, конечно, чё там.

В какую занятную фигуру баса выходит контрабасист в The Man I Love с 1' 03''... простенькую вроде-бы: там, тра-та, там, тра-та, там... но аццки грувистую smile

Оч', словом, респект за столь вери early!


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