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Patrick Saussois, Richie Cole meets Alto Madness Orchestra - It's The Same Thing Everywhere (2003)

Исполнитель: Patrick Saussois, Richie Cole
Название альбома: It's The Same Thing Everywhere
Год выпуска: 2003, Djaz Records
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 138 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

Patrick Saussois - french guitarist (1954-2012).

"My culture is Paris. I was born in Paris and I have always lived. My attachment to my city is very strong and I think it shows, both in the way I talk in my playing. That means in my music!
When I think of Paris, Paris my city, its spirit, its popular culture, one that oozes from the walls, the images of Doisneau and poems by Prevert, I know that the spirit of Django is there. In all I hear."
Patrick Saussois, interviewed by Fred Loiseau for French Guitar

A kid from Paris
1954: Patrick Saussois was born in Paris in the fourteenth district. His parents are artisans. His father is of Breton and Basque descent, her mother of gypsy origins. He is fascinated by the guitar from his father, an amateur guitarist. The instrument then never let go. He listens to house all music: All kinds of time, classic, Trenet, Aznavour, Dario Moreno, Claude Bolling ... and also some disc Django: "I learned guitar on his own, on guitar my father, about six or seven years. was nine, I discovered Django album achieved in Brussels in 1953 I did not know he also played on an acoustic guitar. I fell in love with this sound thence through Django and Mountain. "

A good school
He has the chance to hear "live" at The Veranda Jacques Montagne des Puces ("I spent hours listening to my French fries in hand, nose pressed to the glass! It was fantastic ") and Maurice Ferret Clairon des Chasseurs. At night, he listens Elek Bacsik at home and takes solos design or the Blue Rondo Turk. It gives a first concert in 12 years in front of 200 people at a patronage.

On the way to the fairground and craft
He spends his BEPC and quickly put to work doing some all jobs. He married young, at 19. It markets with his father for six years as a showman.
1976: he played in a trio and started making balls.
1977: it truly is within the profession by meeting professional musicians. He worked with Gilbert Leroux, Daniel Garcia
1980: meeting with Didier Roussin with whom he played as a duo for 9 years.
1982: debut album, If you knew
1983 through Roussin, he meets and accompanies Jo Privat on a disc, two guitars and a violin.

The boss: Djazz Records
1985 Golden Coast Blues with Jean-Claude Fohrenbach. At that time, it will also create a record, Djaz Records, which will be managed by his wife Lodie Serrano and publish albums ... jazz! "I created my label Djazz Records to produce other musicians and eventually I realized that one is never better served than by yourself. I think it is an aspect of business musician that should not be overlooked. "
1991: The good life, It's great
1992: Easy leaving with Georges Arvanitas
1993 he participated in the Gypsy Reunion with Tchavolo Dorado Schmitt and Schmitt.
1996 he created a superb training, Alma Sinti among others with Jean-Yves Dubanton, Jean-Claude Beneteau, Jean-Claude Laudat laferriere Stan and Jean Cortes. First album, Alma Sinti
1999: Rhythms Gypsies
2002: Trailer

Patrick Mossieur
Patrick Saussois is not that gypsy guitarist; its subtle and very musical game goes far beyond and allowed him to play with such an incredible number of musicians. He is a key figure in the galaxy and gypsy jazz of French and international scene.
There are two types of guitar for me for those I love their game, like Rene Thomas or Elek Bacsik, which I love, and those I love for their own way, the Expressionists: Django, Wes Montgomery, and above all, my idol, Grant Green.
Wes, Django, there is no one above those two. They really always have something to say; every sentence is a hint of color that completes the picture. I have great admiration for guitarists remained somewhat in the shadow of Django: Henri Crolla, Marcel Bianchi, Jacques Montagne, Matelo Ferret. I loved Matelo. This was a very surprising: he swung this stuff!

Patrick Saussois plays Favino, Di Mauro, Philip Moneret. He is left handed and plays it a little unbelievable ... with the strings reversed! He says it does not cause him any problems.

1. Lucky Pierre / I love you
2. Lola
3. Papa loves mambo
4. La French connection
5. Lana
6. Senza Fine
7. La vie en rose
8. Tropical Sunrise / More
9. Lady September
10. The Good Life
11. Claudinho
12. It's the same everywhere

Recorded in 2003

Patrick Saussois, guitar
Richie Cole, alto sax, cond., arrangement
Rick Stepson, trombone
Chris Jaudes, trumpet
Michael Smith, trumpet on 1, 2 & 6
Andrei Riabov, guitar
Rick Crane, bass
Wayne Dunton, drum

and special guests:
Enrico Grnafei, harmonica
Vitali Imereli, violin



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