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Zoot Sims - Lost Tapes: Baden-Baden - June 23, 1958 (1968)

Исполнитель: Zoot Sims
Название альбома: Lost Tapes: Baden-Baden - June 23, 1958
Год выпуска: 1968
Формат файлов: mp3, 320kbps
Размер архива: 122.59 mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

Recorded live at Baden-Baden on June 23, 1958 Zoot Sims (as, ts, cl), Hans Koller (as, ts, cl), Willie Dennis (tb), Adi Feuerstein (fl ), Gerd Husemann (fl ), Helmut Brandt (fl , bs), Hans Hammerschmid (p), Peter Trunk (b), Kenny Clarke (dr) What you get with Zoot Sims in Baden-Baden, recorded on June 23, 1958, is a single jam session in which each number features a different line-up and in-strumentation: Sims and Koller on tenor sax get in the frame with "All The Things You Are", before switching to clarinet for Hammerschmid's composition "Minor Meeting For Two Clarinets" - a reference to Lester Young's love of the instrument. Then, simply sublime, Zoot Sims' rendition of "Tangerine". Koller's reply is "Fallin' In Love" - elegant and nimble, played like a young Stan Getz on his way to Brazil. "Blue Night" (featuring a six-piece horn section) is one of the highlights of the concert, a number which beguilingly alternates between big band and ensemble jazz. One can almost feel the musicians cautiously shedding their big band backgrounds, before once again being eased elegantly back into the ensemble. The same goes for "Open Door", in which Kenny Clarke's heartbeat urges the ensemble gently but inexorably onwards with every bar, and the alto of Zoot Sims briefly opens the door to allow the sound of the day - bebop - to flood the studio. "Blue Night" presents both traditions and new departures in one: Lester Young is omnipresent and one can feel the imprint of Woody Herman, Stan Kenton and - yes! - even Benny Goodman. And yet every piece and every solo focuses on individuality and personal expression.

01. All The Things You Are [05:44]
02. Alan's Alley [03:46]
03. Minor Meeting For Two Clarinets [06:35]
04. Fallin' In Love [04:08]
05. Blue Night [05:47]
06. Open Door [04:10]
07. I Surrender Dear [03:55]
08. Tangerine [03:39]
09. These Foolish Things [03:53]
10. I'll Remember April [08:55]
11. Trottin' [04:47]



(6.12.16 - 18:32) - Николай:

Уважаемые коллеги, не воскресите ли этот релиз, а то в списках он у меня есть, а факт. отсутствует!Очень надеюсь на помощь! Заранее большое спасибо!!!

(6.12.16 - 19:48) - michel.sosnin:

Zoot Sims - Lost Tapes - Baden-Baden - June 23, 1958


(7.12.16 - 01:42) - Николай:

Огромное спасибо, уважаемый Мишель! Здоровья, удачи и хороших релизов вам!


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