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Vienna Art Orchestra - Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love (1999)

Исполнитель: Vienna Art Orchestra
Название альбома: Duke Ellington's Sound of Love
Genre: Progressive Big Band, Avant-Garde
Год выпуска: 1999
Формат файлов: mp3 320kb/s cbr
Размер архива: 145mb
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History in Brief - Vienna Art Orchestra
The Vienna Art Orchestra - Europe's leading international "big band/jazz ensemble" - was created in 1977 by Matthias Ruegg.
Since its international breakthrough in 1981, the jazz orchestra has made guest performances in over 40 countries, including the USA and Japan, as well as in numerous other countries in Asia and Africa. Nearly 100 of these performances have been at international jazz festivals. The orchestra has made more than 30 recordings, many of which have been singled out for awards. For its special brand of contemporary jazz music, which is innovative yet which pays due respect to the European and American traditions from which it comes, the Vienna Art Orchestra has also received acclaim as Best Big Band in numerous countries, including in 1984-85 from the American press.

Label - TCB Records
Recorded live on the VAO Spring Tour 99 in Austria

Mathias Rüegg – leader
Andy Scherrer, Florian Bramböck, Harry Sokal, Herwig Gradischnig, Klaus Dickbauer – reeds
Bumi Fian, Matthieu Michel, Thomas Gansch, Thorsten Benkenstein – trumpet
Arkady Shilkloper – French Horn
Christian Muthspiel, Robert Bachner – trombone
Wolfgang Muthspiel – guitar
Georg Breinschmid – bass
Mario Gonzi – drums
Anna Lauvergnac – voice
Order of solos
Red Garter: Trumpet solo by Bumi Fian
Very Special: Soprano solo by Harry Sokal
Blues in Blueprint: Clarinet solo by Klaus Dickbauer
Mood Indigo: Duo by Christian & Wolfgang Muthspiel
Smada: Frenchhorn solo by Arkady Shilkloper
Warm Valley: Tenor solo by Andy Scherrer
Circle in Fourth: Baritone solo by Herwig Gradischnig
Take the A-Train: Duo by Georg Breinschmid and Klaus Dickbauer
After All: Alto solo by Flonan Brambock
I'm Just a Lucky So and So: Trumpet solo by Thomas Bansch & vocals by Anna Lauvergnac
Blood Count: Solos by Anna Lauvergnac & Andy Scherrer
Rockin' in Rhythm: Alto solo by Florian Brambock
Little Max: Drum solo by Mario Gonzi
Sophisticated Lady: Guitar solo by Wolfgang Muthspiel

1. Red Garter (04:05)
2. Very Special (03:24)
3. Blues In Blueprint (04:46)
4. Mood Indigo (05:53)
5. Smada (02:36)
6. Warm Valley (06:29)
7. Circle In Fourth (03:23)
8. Take the A-Train (04:50)
9. After All (05:52)
10. I'm Just a Lucky So and So (04:43)
11. Blood Count (07:37)
12. Rockin' In Rhythm (04:49)
13. Litte Max (03:40)
14. Sophisticated Lady (03:07)

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