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VA - A Great Night In Harlem (2001)

Исполнитель: Various Artists
Название альбома: A Great Night In Harlem
Год выпуска: 2002, Concord Records
Формат файлов: Flac
Размер архива: 261 Mb, 230 Mb
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A Great Night in Harlem Benefit Concert is an annual series of concerts organized by the Jazz Foundation of America (JFA), a 501 non-profit organization, since 2001 to raise money for the Jazz Foundation's Musician Emergency Fund.
In August 2000, upon being hired as Executive Director of the Jazz Foundation, Wendy Oxenhorn discovered the organization had only US$7,000 left in the fund. She suggested organizing a fundraising concert at the Apollo Theater. When she was told they could not afford to rent the Apollo, Oxenhorn asked board member Jarrett Lilien for advice. Lilien told Oxenhorn he would pay to rent the Apollo.

Oxenhorn conceived of the idea for the concerts during her first year as Executive Director of the JFA in 2000, after watching a 1994 documentary called A Great Day in Harlem about jazz musicians. The first concert, which took place in September 2001, raised $350,000 for the foundation's Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund, and over 65 jazz artists performed. Every year since, the event has grown.

By this time, the Foundation's emergency caseload had tripled and they were now helping 150 musicians. Lauren Roberts joined the organization and together they ran it, handling an average of 10 cases a day. Because of the success of the A Great Night in Harlem, they initiated the Jazz in the Schools Program, which generated employment for more than 400 elderly musicians in New York City.

The annual A Great Night In Harlem concerts were the organization's was the only major funding source. Each year it, and the Foundation's caseload, grew[citation needed] Lilien and his partners at E-Trade Financial Corp. started the first Musicians Emergency Housing Fund, which enabled the Jazz Foundation to pay rents and keep mortgages from foreclosure. The Jazz Foundation of America was now able to support hundreds of elderly musicians who had fallen behind due to illness or age, preventing evictions and homelessness.

Jarrett Lilien became the first president of the JFA. Within months, he was also made president of E-Trade Financial Corp. The Jazz Foundation had become a national organization. By 2009, they were handling approximately 500 emergency cases a year.

On Monday, September 24, 2001, the JFA presented the first A Great Night in Harlem at the Apollo Theater on 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, at 7 p.m. The performance was MC'd by Bill Cosby, and Gil Noble, host of WABC-TV's Sunday television show Like It Is.

The 2002 recording of A Great Night in Harlem was released as a two-CD set by Playboy Jazz PBD2-7502-2, with all the profits from the sale going to the Jazz Musicians’ Emergency Fund.

Recorded September 24, 2001 at the Apollo Theater in New York, this 2-CD collection contains memorable interpretations of standards and plenty of straight-ahead fun. The veteran, all-star cast assembled for this live performance to benefit the Jazz Foundation of America , an institution devoted to aiding jazz artists in need. Their performance was donated. Contributions of this nature are, indeed, rare in society. However, among the jazz community, it’s not entirely unexpected. The camaraderie that exists within the jazz community has always been strong.

Kenny Barron and Regina Carter interpret “Don’t Explain.” Nnenna Freelon sings “If I Had You” with screeching Jon Faddis at her side. Both are at the peak of their careers. “Fanfare for Four Trumpets” displays incredible chops from Faddis, Jimmy Owens, Randy Brecker and Eddie Allen. The fanfare number is brief, but quite a charmer. Traditional blues, always a welcome portion of any program, appears through the heartfelt phrases expressed by Cassandra Wilson. Ray Bryant interprets “Con Alma” alone, Ahmad Jamal performs “Devil’s In My Den” with a quartet, and Tommy Flanagan’s trio provides “Sunset & The Mockingbird.” It’s a performance of historical proportions. Three tracks put together small ensembles that characterize the spontaneous nature of this music. It’s the kind of jam session found at festivals around the world – when artists who don’t work together routinely find themselves an opportunity to see what happens. It always creates sparks. Clark Terry and Phil Woods, for example, jam on “Wee” with Howard Johnson, Don Braden, Melvin Sparks and others. Fast and fluid, the ensemble reminds us of the tradition: how it all began and how it will continue.
JIM SANTELLA, www.allaboutjazz.com

CD 1:
1. No Greater Love
2. If I Had You
3. Devil's In My Den
4. Don't Explain
5. Roy Haynes Solo
6. Fan Fare For Four Trumpets

CD 2:
1. Sunset And The Mockingbird
2. Death Letter
3. Con Alma
4. We Have A Friend In Jesus
5. Everyday I Have The Blues
6. Wee

Recorded September 24, 2001 at the Apollo Theater.

CD 1:
1. Randy Brecker-trumpet, Paquito D’Rivera-clarinet, JoAnne Brackeen-piano, Ron Carter-Bass, Ray Barretto-Congas, Jimmy Cobb-drums.
2. Nnenna Freelon-vocal, Kenny Baron-piano, Ron Carter bass, Ben Riley-drums, Jon Faddis-trumpet.
3. Ahmad Jamal-piano, James Commack-bass, Idris Muhammad-drums, George Coleman-tenor
4. Kenny Baron-piano, Regina Carter-violin
5. Roy Haynes-drums
6. Jimmy Owens, Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker, Eddie Allen-trumpet

CD 2:
1. Tommy Flanagan-piano, Peter Washington-bass, Al Heath-drums
2. Cassandra Wilson-vocals, Mark Peterson-bass, Jeff Hayes-percussion, Marvin Sewell-guitar
3. Ray Bryant-piano
4. Russell Malone-guitar, Jimmy Owens-trumpet
5. Melba Joyce-vocals, Frank Wess-tenor, Lou Donaldson—alto, Hilton Ruiz-piano, Ron Carter-bass, Ben Riley-drums.
6. Clark Terry-flugel, Phil Woods –alto, Don Braden-tenor. Howard Johnson-tuba, Melvin Sparks-guitar, Chris Anderson-piano, Jamil Nasser-bass, Louis Hayes-drums.

CD 1

CD 2


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