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The Jazz Defenders - King Phoenix (2022)

Исполнитель: The Jazz Defenders
Название альбома: King Phoenix
Год выпуска: 2022
Формат файлов: FLAC
Размер архива: 236,4 MB
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1. Wagger Jaunt 03:50
2. Munch 04:17
3. The Oracle 05:01
4. Twilight 04:06
5. Love's Vestige 03:21
6. Perfectly Imperfect (feat Doc Brown) 04:16
7. Reprise Queen Bee 00:58
8. From The Ashes 04:15
9. Saudade 02:43
10. Live Slow (feat Herbal T) [album version] 04:32

Bristol's jazz daddies The Jazz Defenders drop their second album for Haggis Records (home of UK funk kings The Haggis Horns), in March 2022 and it's a real departure from their debut release "Scheming" (released in 2020). Whereas that album was a homage to the late 1950s/early 1960s classic jazz style known as hard bop, this release moves into new territory with hip-hop/jazz, cinema soundtrack flavours, Latin rhythms and soul-jazz all upfront in the mix. Two taster singles from the album released in mid/late 2021, "The Big Man/Love's Vestige and "Live Slow" (featuring US rapper Herbal T), received great radio support from the likes of Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music), Helen Mayhew (Jazz FM), Jamie Cullum (BBC Radio 2), Ashley Beedle (Worldwide FM), Colin Curtis (Worldwide FM) amongst many others, all loving the Jazz Defenders' musical fusion of retro meets modern.

The classic sound that has inspired the band this time is very much from the mid-late 1960s era and the merging of soul and funk beats with jazz solos/improvisation. Tracks like "Wagger Jaunt" and "Munch" nod to the piano and organ-led soul-jazz of artists like Ramsey Lewis, Herbie Hancock, Reuben Wilson and Jimmy Smith. Meanwhile "Saudade" and "Love's Vestige" feature Brazilian bossa rhythms but with some added film soundtrack overtones. Speaking of movie soundtracks, "The Oracle'' is a pure homage to the classic cinematic compositions of maestros like John Barry (James Bond, The Ipcress File) or Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Bullitt) right down to the very impressive string arrangement, beautifully scored and orchestrated by bandleader George Cooper.

A big departure from the previous album comes via the two hip-hop/jazz tracks, both of which feature guest MCs. "Live Slow" has US rapper Herbal T blessing the mic over an uptempo soul-jazz number whilst "Perfectly Imperfect" features London MC/actor Doc Brown rapping on a nice and slow 90's style head-nodding hip-hop groove. Both compositions show George Cooper's love for old school boom-bap hip-hop (by the way, he also plays keys with renowned UK hip-hop big band Abstract Orchestra). For classic jazz lovers who dug the first album, there are two pure jazz tracks that join the dots between that debut release and this sophomore one - "Twilight" and "From The Ashes" - with plenty of vibrant solos for the discerning listener.

"King Phoenix" is a statement in itself from the Jazz Defenders. After 2 years of music being destroyed by the pandemic and many musicians inactive, the band has risen from the ashes with new vigour, energy, and vision to try something new and not just repeat past musical glories. A band that sticks to the same script every release might just end up having a short shelf life but the Jazz Defenders are planning on being around for a long time.

George Cooper - Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer & Percussion
Will Harris - Double & Electric Bass
Ian Matthews - Drums
Nick Malcolm - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Nicholas Dover - Tenor Sax

Doc Brown - Vocals on track 6
Herbal T - Vocals on track 10
John Pearce - Violin on tracks 3 & 9
Atholl Ransome - Flute on track 9
Leigh Coleman - Vocals on track 6

All tracks written by George Cooper except for track 6 written by George Cooper & Doc Brown and track 10 written by George Cooper & Chris Jones
Additional composition on tracks 4, 5 & 8 by Will Harris

Haggis Records

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