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The Dave Liebman Big Band - Tomorrow's Expectations (2012)

Исполнитель: The Dave Liebman Big Band
Название альбома: Tomorrow's Expectations
Год выпуска: 2013/2017
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 102,7 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

01. Well, Baby, Too Close To The Savoy (4:38)
02. Tomorrow's Expectations (6:22)
03. G.I.G (5:27)
04. Loudly (6:00)
05. Standoff I (2:03)
06. Standoff II (2:36)
07. Human Laughter (6:55)
08. Moroccan Medley (3:32)

Dave Liebman has been one of the most respected jazz musicians for over 40 years. His early albums with Elvin Jones and Miles Davis in the 70’s set the standard for what modern jazz was to become: intense harmonic, melodic and rhythmic explorations challenging the mind and sweeping with emotion. In his own groups, “Lookout Farm”, “Quest” and various duos, trios and quartets, Liebman explored novel compositional vehicles and near-telepathic group interaction. Always looking for new sonic avenues to explore, Liebman formed his all-star ‘Dave Liebman Big Band’ (DLBB) in 2002 , under the direction of the brilliant saxophonist and composer Gunnar Mossblad. Over the past decade, the DLBB has performed and recorded mostly arrangements of Liebman’s own compositions in this classic jazz genre. It was his openness to new and challenging big band interpretations of his compositions that brought about his encounter with Arnon Palty’s awesome arranging skills, which led to this wonderful album.

Dr. Arnon R. Palty is an award winning composer, arranger, bass player and renowned educator from Haifa, Israel. His distinctive electric bass sound and upright jazz bass playing has been featured on hundreds of stage and recording productions in Israel and the USA, including live performances with Lee Konitz, Phil Woods, Benny Golson, Didier Lockwood, Airto Moreira, Zakir Hussain, and others. Arnon also leads his own Big Band and a 10-piece Funk/Fusion group called "Plutonium", and has recorded several projects with them.

As an educator, Arnon’s sharp ear and keen intellect have made him the Harmony, Theory, Arranging and Ear-Training Professor of choice at the Jerusalem Academy of Music as well as Rimon school of Music, Tel Aviv University, and the Hed music school at the Ono Academic College. His acclaimed Ph.D. thesis, “Connecting Points in Jazz Dialects - The Harmonic Metamorphosis” is scheduled to be published soon by Academic Press.

In September 2011, Dave Liebman celebrated his Birthday with a weeklong engagement of the Big Band at the “Birdland” jazz club in New York, and it was there that the band first performed Arnon’s arrangements of two of Liebman's compositions: "Standoff" and “Tomorrow’s Expectations”.

In 2012, Arnon was finally able to secure a generous grant from "EOJM" (European Foundation for Outstanding Jazz Musicians) to arrange, record and produce the DLBB performing the eight fine tunes that make up this extraordinary album.

The album opens with "Well, Baby, Too Close to the Savoy”, a wittily titled original by Arnon Palty, conceptually combining two well-known Jazz standards: "Too Close for Comfort", "Stompin’' at the Savoy", along with citations from Monk’s “Well You Needn’t” and from the famous 1926 song "Baby Face".

It’s Arnon’s tribute to the old ballroom spirit and energy of the swing era bands, and it even includes a short homage to the Grammy award-winning chart of "Sing, Sing, Sing" that Jim McNeely wrote for the DLBB. Fantastic solo by Dave Liebman on soprano saxophone, followed by beautiful solos by Vic Juris on guitar, Gunnar Mossblad on alto saxophone, and Dave Riekenberg on tenor saxophone.

The combination of Liebman’s unique voice on the soprano sax with Arnon’s inspiring arrangements, which showcase the top-notch musicianship of the DLBB players, will surely make this album a classic. ~Dan Adler



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