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The 14 Jazz Orchestra - Cartoon Bebop (2020)

Исполнитель: The 14 Jazz Orchestra
Название альбома: Cartoon Bebop
Год выпуска: 2020
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 135,4 MB
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1 Cartoon Bebop (feat. Peter Erskine, Ed Calle, Jason Carder & Ed Maina) 4:49
2 Misturada (feat. Kemuel Roig, Cisco Dimas, Ed Calle, Lee Levin & Richard Bravo) 5:17
3 Dayride (feat. Ed Calle, Lindsey Blair, Mike Levine & Lee Levin) 4:56
4 I'm All Smiles (feat. Mike Levine & Ed Maina) 5:49
5 Got a Match? (feat. Ed Calle, Ed Maina, Nicky Orta & Lee Levin) 4:29
6 Driftin' (feat. Ed Maina, Jason Carder & Mike Levine) 5:15
7 Wood Dance (feat. Peter Erskine, Mark Egan & Mike Levine) 5:31
8 When I Look in Your Eyes (feat. Ed Calle) 5:40
9 Duende (feat. Ed Calle, Neal Bonsanti, Peter Erskine & Mark Egan) 4:32
10 Infant Eyes (feat. Randy Bernsen, Peter Erskine & Mike Levine) 5:37
11 A Day Tripper's Blues Buffet (feat. Ed Calle & Lindsey Blair) 4:34

This interesting and unique CD crossed my desk recently and I was intrigued. This is a CD with eleven tunes, but none were familiar standards. The music was arranged for a 13-piece orchestra and all have been associated with the Miami musical community either as faculty of the Frost School of Music or having performed in the Miami jazz scene. Another aspect which will be of interest to our readers in the Florida Panhandle is that pianist Mike Levine is a frequent performer in this area, as he is a frequent part-time resident in our Port St. Joe area and when that occurs, Panama City’s Gulf Jazz Society engages him to perform. I’ve been privileged to hear and meet him there. Another appeal is that the CD is dedicated to Miami musicians who have passed away this year, multi-instrumentalist Ira Sullivan and studio musician Mark Colby. Sullivan had appeared in our area on several occasions and was beloved by this jazz community.

The 13-piece band provides back-up for excellent solos by the various musicians. Most of the arrangements are by Dan Bonsanti with compositions by, among others, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, and has used motifs by Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk.

The accompanying information sheet explains that Cartoon Bebop contains two of Corea’s compositions “Got a Match?” and “Duende.” Bonsanti was inspired to write the title tune “Cartoon Bebop” after hearing a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, favorite of his. He used piccolo and tuba while adding Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk motifs.

Bonsanti engaged musicians from around the country to participate, including trumpet players BRETT MURPHEY in Wisconsin and JASON CARDER in Arizona, as well as trombonist DANA TEBOE in Maine. Besides being graduates of the UofM jazz programs, Bonsanti had worked with each of the players on many gigs in South Florida. Bonsanti also engaged drummer PETER ERSKINE in Los Angeles, and woodwinds players ED MAINA in Tennessee and TOM TIMKO in New Jersey. Guitarists LINDSEY BLAIR and RANDY BERNSEN, drummers LEE LEVIN, JACK CIANO and MIKE HARVEY, woodwinds players ED CALLE, PETER BREWER, and NEAL BONSANTI (Bonsanti’s brother), bassists NICK ORTA, TIM SMITH, JAMIE OUSLEY, and MATT BONELLI, pianists MIKE LEVINE and KEMUEL ROIG, and percussionist RICHARD BRAVO all recorded from different locations around Florida. Bonsanti credits his engineer, MIKE LEVINE, for the truly superb job he did in stitching together all the different parts into a seamless whole.

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