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T.K. Blue - Eyes Of The Elders (2001)

Исполнитель: T.K. Blue
Название альбома: Eyes Of The Elders
Год выпуска: 2001
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 138,1 MB
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1. Wee (feat. Jeff "Tain" Watts, Steve Kroon & Lonnie Plaxico)
2. Village Council" Interlude 1
3. Dance of the Nile (feat. James Weidman & Lonnie Plaxico)
4. Frozen Mist
5. Eyes of the Elders (feat. James Weidman, Jeff "Tain" Watts & Lonnie Plaxico)
6. Village Council" Interlude 2
7. Harold's Theme (feat. Jeff "Tain" Watts & Lonnie Plaxico)
8. Nostalgia In Times Square (feat. Jeff "Tain" Watts & Lonnie Plaxico)
9. Village Council" Interlude 3
10. Matriarch (feat. Jeff "Tain" Watts & Lonnie Plaxico)
11. Rites of Passage
12. South Side Samba (feat. Jeff "Tain" Watts, Steve Kroon & Lonnie Plaxico)
13. Wise One (feat. Jeff "Tain" Watts & Lonnie Plaxico)

T.K. Blue has assembled some the brightest stars in Jazz (Stefon Harris, Randy Brecker, Eric Reed, Lonnie Plaxico, Joanne Brackeen, Jeff “Tain” Watts) to create a scintillating display of musicianship on his second album for Arkadia Records, “T.K. Blue: Eyes of the Elders”. Taking inspiration from the spirit of those who preceded him, the album covers the spectrum of Jazz, using the kalimba and marimba to recall it’s African roots, traveling up the Nile, over to Brazil, beginning with a nod to Charlie Parker, and ending with an intense, soul-stirring version of John Coltrane’s, Wise One.

“Eyes of The Elders by saxophonist T.K. Blue is an accessible and charming album made all the more inviting by Blue’s instrumental prowess. His saxophone talks in warm tones that speak of an intense love of the art of improvisation, not forcing listeners to pay attention but rather beckoning them with subtle tenderness.” – Steve Graybow, Billboard

T.K. Blue: Eyes of the Elders gathers an all-star ensemble (that spans 3 Jazz generations) under Blue’s leadership to create a fascinating tribute to music’s ‘Elders’ who helped create the shape and scope of Jazz today. Though the album is undoubtedly Jazz music, T.K. Blue travels around the globe and through the ancestral music of generations past to create a thoughtful and inventive album that fuses the ancient with his contemporary vision, culminating in a modern World Jazz album that reflects his diverse musical and cultural heritage.

“4.5 STARS… an alto saxophonist of sweeping power and authority…on this disc he takes a bushel of great jazz standards…and mixes them with a large vat of his own compositions to be played by nothing less than a dream band. Get this: drummer Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, pianists Joanne Brackeen and Eric Reed, bassist Lonnie Plaxico, vibraphonist Stefon Harris and trumpet player Randy Brecker play… When this disc is good, it’s close to spectacular… joyful neo-African rhythyms and brilliant playing… When it’s not great…it’s still marvelously listenable”. – Jeff Simon, Buffalo, NY Calendar

T.K. Blue: saxophones, flutes, and kalimba
Eric Reed: Piano
James Weidman: Piano
Joanne Brackeen: Piano
Lonnie Plaxico: Bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts: Drums
Stefon Harris: Marimba, xylophone
Randy Brecker: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Steve Kroon: Percussion

Label: Arkadia Records

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