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Steve Turre - Woody's Delight (2011) re-up

Исполнитель: Steve Turre
Название альбома: Woody's Delight
Год выпуска: 2012
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 160,3 MB
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1 Woody's Delight 6:45
2 Something For Sweets 7:05
3 In Retrospect 8:01
4 Luna 4:07
5 Annette's For Sure 6:24
6 Adios Mi Amigo 8:38
7 Manny's Mambo 7:21
8 3 For Woody 8:16
9 Brother Bob 10:43

Trombonist and master of musical shells Steve Turre has been playing professionally since he was 13, working with a variety of bandleaders including Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Ray Charles, and Chico Hamilton, although he credits his musical maturity to his eight-year tenure with trumpeter Woody Shaw (which began when he was in his thirties). Turre recorded 14 albums with Shaw and it is to Shaw's influence and memory that the album's title refers. Turre wrote eight of the nine compositions here. The wildly diverse program includes five trumpeters -- Claudio Roditi, Jon Faddis, Wallace Roney, Chocolate Armenteros, and Freddie Hendrix -- three keyboard players, four bass players (including Buster Williams), two drummers, and three bongo, timbales, and conga percussionists. Faddis' fiery acrobatics are heard on the title track -- a skittering, jaunty blues in G-minor -- and on "Something for Sweets" (for Harry "Sweets" Edison), a strolling Basie-esque blues where both Faddis and Turre use mutes. Roney is showcased on "In Retrospect," a shimmering, mysterious, ethereal ballad that Turre wrote for him, reflecting the influence of Miles Davis on the trumpeter. Roney also appears on "Luna," which reflects the influence of Shaw's ambitious compositional style and use of extreme harmonic intervals on Turre. Perhaps the most beautiful entry on the set is Roditi's jazz-samba "Annette's for Sure," with bassist Nilson Matta and drummer Duduka Da Fonseca (who also plays berimbau). Together the band creates an authentic samba atmosphere that is underscored by Venezuelan pianist Luis Perdomo and Turre's shells. There is a killer Latin number here too in "Manny's Mambo," dedicated to Oquendo -- Turre also spent time in Conjunto Libre. The trumpeter here is 83-year-old legend Chocolate Armenteros. Both men and pianist Perdomo play moñas like the house is burning down, as percussionists and drummer underscore the joyous dance feel. "Adios Mi Amigo" is a Latin ballad written for Turre's late colleague and friend, pianist Hilton Ruiz. Roditi's solo is achingly beautiful and is underscored by Turre's use of the plunger mute and Andy Gonzalez's bassline. Youthful up-and-comer Hendrix is showcased on the final two cuts here, the modal "3 for Woody," and the deep, bluesy swing of "Brother Bob." Woody's Delight is not a mere tribute to Shaw's influence on Turre (though that would be enough); it displays the trombonist's wide angle and ambitious compositional and arranging skills with true flourish. The music here is all soulfully articulated and expertly performed, the album some of Turre's finest work.
© Thom Jurek /TiVo

Trombone, Conch [Shells] – Steve Turre
Trumpet – Chocolate Armenteros (7), Claudio Roditi (5,6), Freddie Hendrix (8,9), Jon Faddis (1,2), Wallace Roney (3,4)
Keyboards [Fender Rhodes] – Aruan Ortiz (4)
Piano – Luis Perdomo (5 to 7), Xavier Davis (1 to 4,8,9)
Bass – Andy Gonzalez (6,7), Buster Williams (1 to 4), Corcoran Holt (8,9), Nilson Matta (5)
Drums – Dion Parson (1 to 4, 8, 9)
Drums, Percussion [Birambeau] – Duduka Da Fonseca (5,6)
Timbales, Congas – Jimmy Delgado (6,7)
Bongos, Percussion [Campana] – Pedro Martinez (7)
Congas – George Delgado (7)

Tracks 1-7 recorded June 9, 2011.
Tracks 8 & 9 recorded August 17, 2011.

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