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Steely Dan - Дискография 2015

Исполнитель: Steely Dan
Название альбома: 26 CD
Год выпуска: 2016
Формат файлов: MP3 320
Размер архива: 4.55 GB
Скачать с: My-Files.RU

**** Steely Dan ****

Steely Dan - Before Steely Dan (2015)

01. Don't Let Me In
02. A Little with Sugar
03. Charlie Freak
04. Let George Do It
05. Android Warehouse
06. You Go Where I Go
07. The Mock Turtle Song
08. Come Back Baby
09. Brooklyn
10. Barry Town
11. Mina from China
12. The Roaring of the Lamb
13. Parker's Band
14. More to Come
15. Stone Piano
16. Old Regime
17. I Can't Function
18. The Caves of Altamura
19. Any World That I Am Welcome To
20. Braintap Shuffle
Steely Dan - Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, US, (2014)

01. Cubano Chant
02. Black Cow
03. Aja
04. Hey Nineteen
05. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
06. Black Friday
07. Show Biz Kids
08. Time Out of Mind
09. Things I Miss the Most
10. Green Earrings
11. Dirty Work
12. Bodhisattva
13. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
14. Babylon Sisters
15. I Want To (Do Everything for You) (reception issues)
16. Josie (reception issues)
17. Peg (reception issues)
18. My Old School
19. Reelin' In The Years
20. crowd
21. Kid Charlemagne
22. Untouchables Theme
Steely Dan - Touring 2k (Bootleg) (2012)

Cd 1:

01. The Boston Rag
02. Bodhisattva
03. Night By Night
04. West of Hollywood
05. Josie
06. Black Friday
07. Daddy Don t Live
08. Home at Last
09. Jack of Speed
10. Hey Nineteen

Cd 2:

01. The Steely Dan Show
02. Deacon Blues
03. Babylon Sisters
04. Cousin Dupree
05. Monkey in Your Soul
06. Dirty Work
07. Peg
08. Kid Charlemagne
09. Don t Take Me Alive
10. My Old School
11. FM
V.A. The Royal Dan - A Tribute to the Genius of Steely Dan (2006)

01. Robben Ford - Peg
02. Steve Morse - Bodhisattva
03. Jay Graydon - Home At Last
04. Al DiMeola - Aja
05. Steve Lukather - Pretzel Logic
06. Jeff Richman - Josie
07. Mike Stern - Dirty Work
08. Jimmy Herring - The Fez
09. Frank Gambale - FM
10. Elliott Randall - Hey Nineteen
Steely Dan - The Definitive Collection (2006)

01 - Do It Again
02 - Dirty Work
03 - Reelin' In The Years
04 - Bodhisattva
05 - My Old School
06 - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
07 - Black Friday
08 - Bad Sneakers
09 - Kid Charlemagne
10 - Deacon Blues
11 - Peg
12 - F.M.
13 - Hey Nineteen
14 - Babylon Sisters
15 - Cousin Dupree
16 - Things I Miss The Most
V.A. Maestros Of Cool - A Tribute to Steely Dan (2006)

Cd 1:

01. Nathan Haines - Fm
02. Stereo - Remember
03. Debbie Deane - Any World
04. Raw Stylus - 37 Hours
05. Nash Kato - Dirty Work
06. Pam Bricker - Home At Last
07. Tony Gallo - Black Cow
08. Groove Thing - The Fez
09. David Garfield - Josie
10. Carl Orr - Tomorrow's Girls
11. Liquid Blue - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
12. Jango - Joyful Caravan

Cd 2:

01. David Garfield - Babylon Sisters
02. Chuck Loeb - Maxine
03. Don Braden - Kid Charlemagne
04. HR Big Band - Pretzel Logic
05. Justin Morell - My Rival
06. Abebi Stafford - Green Earrings
07. Gustavo Assis-Brasil - Aja
08. Stolen Van - Caves of Altamira
09. Alex Gunia & Philipp Van Endert - Third World Man
10. Cornelius Bumpus - Chain Lightning
11. Ben Lacy - Hey Nineteen
12. Trinity - Steal It Again Dan

Chuck Loeb, Michael Landau, Carl Orr, Nash Kato, George Wadenius, Justin Morell, Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Alex Gunia, Philipp Van Endert, Ben Lacy, Franz Holtmann (Guitar); John Patitucci, Lee Sklar, Gudze (Bass); David Garfield, Matthias Krauss, Rob Aries (Keyboards); John Beasley (Keyboards, Vocals); Wayne Wilentz (Piano, Keyboards, Vocals); Debbie Deane (Piano, Vocals); Sean Wayland (Piano); Bill Ware (Fender Rhodes, Vibes); Abebi Stafford (Fender Rhodes); Cornelius Bumpus (Saxophone); Nathan Haines, Don Braden (Tenor Saxophone); Steve Nieves (Saxophone, Vocals); Marco Minnemann, Dave Weckl, Mauricio Zottarelli, Jim West (Drums); Klaudia Salkovic, Damon Albarn, Jules Brookes, Pam Bricker, Tony Gallo, Alex Ligertwood (Vocals).
Steely Dan - Yellow Peril (Bootleg) (2005)

01 - Brain Tap Shuffle
02 - Come Back Baby
03 - Don`t Let Me In
04 - The Old Regime
05 - Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)
06 - Mock Turtle Song
07 - Soul Ram
08 - I Can`t Function
09 - Yellow Peril
10 - Let George Do It
Steely Dan - Everything Must Go (2003)

01. Last Mall, The
02. Things I Miss the Most
03. Blues Beach
04. Godwhacker
05. Slang of Ages
06. Green Book
07. Pixeleen
08. Lunch With Gina
09. Everything Must Go

Walter Becker (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion); Donald Fagen (vocals, piano, Wurlitzer piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, organ, synthesizer, percussion).

Additional personnel: Jon Herrington, Hugh McCracken (guitar); Walt Weskopf (alto & tenor saxophones); Chris Potter (tenor saxophone); Roger Rosenber (baritone saxophone); Ken Hitchcock (clarinet); Tony Kadleck, Michael Leonhart (trumpet); Jim Pugh (trombone); Ted Baker (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano); Bill Charlap (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Keith Carlock (drums); Gordon Gottleib (percussion); Cindy Mizelle, Catherine Russell, Carolyn Leonhart, Tawatha Agee, Ada Dyer, Michael Harvey, Brenda White-King (background vocals).
The Steely Dan Story 1972-1980 Showbiz Kids (2000)

Cd 1:

01. Do It Again
02. Dirty Work
03. Reelin' In The Years
04. Only A Fool Would Say That
05. Change Of The Guard
06. Bodhisattva
07. The Boston Rag
08. Show Biz Kids
09. My Old School
10. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
11. Night By Night
12. Pretzel Logic
13. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
14. Black Friday
15. Bad Sneakers
16. Doctor Wu
17. Any World (That I'm Welcome To)
18. Chain Lightning

Cd 2:

01. Kid Charlemagne
02. Don't Take Me Alive
03. Haitian Divorce
04. The Fez
05. Here At The Western World
06. Black Cow
07. Aja
08. Deacon Blues
09. Peg
10. Josie
11. FM
12. Babylon Sisters
13. Hey Nineteen
14. Time Out Of Mind
15. Third World Man
Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (2000)

01. Gaslighting Abbie
02. What a Shame About Me
03. Two Against Nature
04. Janie Runaway
05. Almost Gothic
06. Jack of Speed
07. Cousin Dupree
08. Negative Girl
09. West of Hollywood

Donald Fagen (vocals, keyboards); Walter Becker (guitar, bass).

Additional personnel: Hugh McCracken, Jon Herington, Dean Parks, Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar); Roger Rosenborg (clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone); Roger Rosenberg, Lawrence Feldman (clarinet, saxophone); Roy Hitchcock (clarinet); Lou Marini, Chris Potter, Dave Tofani (saxophone); Michael Leonhart (trumpet, Wurlitzer); Jim Pugh (trombone); Ted Baker (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Steve Shapiro, Dave Shank (vibraphone); Tom Barney (bass); Keith Carlock, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael White, Ricky Lawson, Sonny Emory, Leroy Clouden (drums); Daniel Sadownick, Gordon Gottlieb (percussion); Amy Helm (whistler); Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun, Michael Harvey (background vocals).
Steely Dan - Android Warehouse (2CD) (1998)

Cd 1:

01. You Go Where I Go
02. A Little With Sugar
03. Roaring Of The Lamb
04. Charlie Freak
05. Sun Mountain
06. Oh Wow It's You
07. Undecided
08. Caves Of Altimira
09. Any World That I'm Welcome To
10. More To Come
11. Parker's Band
12. Barrytown
13. Brain Tap Shuffle
14. Brooklyn

Cd 2:

01. Mock Turtle Song
02. Yellow Peril
03. Android Warehouse
04. A Horse In Town
05. Ida Lee
06. Stone Piano
07. Take It Out On Me
08. This Seat's Been Taken
09. Come Back Baby
10. Don't Let Me In
11. Old Regime
12. Soul Ram
13. I Can't Function
14. Let George Do It
Steely Dan - Roaring Of The Lamb (1995)

01. Android Warehouse
02. A Horse In Town
03. More To Come
04. Parker's Band
05. Ida Lee
06. Stone Piano
07. Any World That I'm Welcome To
08. Take It Out On Me
09. This Seat's Been Taken
10. Barrytown
11. Oh Wow It's You
12. Charlie Freak
13. Roaring Of The Lamb
14. A Little With Sugar
15. Sun Mountain
16. The Caves Of Altamira
Steely Dan - Citizen 1972-1980 (4CD) (1993)
Disc 1:

01. Do It Again
02. Dirty Work
03. Kings
04. Midnight Cruiser
05. Only A Fool Would Say That
06. Reelin' In The Years
07. Fire In The Hole
08. Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)
09. Change Of The Guard
10. Turn That Heartbeat Over Again
11. Bodhisattva
12. Razor Boy
13. The Boston Rag
14. Your Gold Teeth
15. Show Biz Kids
16. My Old School

Disc 2:

01. King Of The World
02. Pearl Of The Quarter
03. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
04. Night By Night
05. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
06. Barrytown
07. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
08. Parker's Band
09. Through With Buzz
10. Pretzel Logic
11. With A Gun
12. Charlie Freak
13. Monkey In Your Soul
14. Bodhisattva (Live)
15. Black Friday
16. Bad Sneakers
17. Rose Darling
18. Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More
19. Doctor Wu
20. Everyone's Gone To The Movies
21. Chain Lightning

Disc 3:

01. Your Gold Teeth II
02. Any World (That I'm Welcome To)
03. Throw Back The Little Ones
04. Kid Charlemagne
05. The Caves Of Altamira
06. Don't Take Me Alive
07. Sign In Stranger
08. The Fez
09. Green Earrings
10. Haitian Divorce
11. Everything You Did
12. The Royal Scam
13. Here At The Western World
14. Black Cow
15. Aja
16. Peg

Disc 4:

01. Deacon Blues
02. Home At Last
03. I Got The News
04. Josie
05. Fm
06. Babylon Sisters
07. Hey Nineteen
08. Glamour Profession
09. Gaucho
10. Time Out Of Mind
11. My Rival
12. Third World Man
13. Everyone's Gone To The Movies (Demo)
Steely Dan - Alive In America (1993)

01. Babylon Sisters
02. Green Earrings
03. Bodhisattva
04. Reelin' in the Years
05. Josie
06. Book of Liars
07. Peg
08. Third World Man
09. Kid Charlemagne
10. Sign in Stranger
11. Aja

Walter Becker (vocals, guitar); Donald Fagen (vocals, Fender Rhodes, keytar, melodica).

Additional personnel: Georg Wadenius, Drew Zingg (guitar); Bob Sheppard (soprano & tenor saxophones); Chris Potter (alto & tenor saxophones); Cornelius Bumpus (tenor saxophone); Catherine Russell (whistle, percussion, background vocals); Warren Bernhardt (piano, Fender Rhodes); Bill Ware, III (vibraphone, percussion); Tom Barney (bass); Dennis Chambers, Peter Erskine (drums); Diane Garisto, Brenda White-King (background vocals).
Steely Dan - The Very Best Of Steely Dan: Reelin' In The Years (2CD) (1985)

Disc One:

01. Do It Again
02. Reelin' in the Years
03. My Old School
04. Bodhisattva
05. Show Biz Kids
06. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
07. Pretzel Logic
08. Black Friday
09. Bad Sneakers

Disc Two:

01. Doctor Wu
02. Haitian Divorce
03. Kid Charlemagne
04. The Fez
05. Peg
06. Josie
07. Deacon Blues
08. Hey Nineteen
09. Babylon Sisters
Steely Dan - A Decade Of Steely Dan (1985)

01. FM
02. Black Friday
03. Babylon Sisters
04. Deacon Blues
05. Bodhisattva
06. Hey Nineteen
07. Do It Again
08. Peg
09. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
10. Reeling In The Years
11. East St. Louis Toodleoo
12. Kid Charlemagne
13. My Old School
14. Bad Sneakers
Steely Dan - Gaucho (1980)

01. Babylon Sisters
02. Hey Nineteen
03. Glamour Profession
04. Gaucho
05. Time Out of Mind
06. My Rival
07. Third World Man

Donald Fagen (vocals, electric piano, synthesizer); Walter Becker (guitar, bass).

Additional personnel: Steve Khan, Hugh McCracken, Hiram Bullock, Larry Carlton (guitar); Tom Scott (alto & tenor clarinet, tenor saxophone, lyricon); George Marge, Walter Kane (bass clarinet); Michael Brecker, Dave Tofani (tenor saxophone); Ronny Cuber (baritone saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugelhorn); Wayne Andre (trombone); Rob Mounsey (piano, synthesizer); Don Groinick (electric piano, clavinet); Patrick Rebillot, Joe Sample (electric piano); Chuck Rainey, Anthony Jackson (bass); Steve Gadd (drums, percussion); Bernard Purdie, Rick Marotta, Jeff Porcaro (drums); Nicholas Marrero (timbales); Crusher Bennett, Victor Feldman, Ralph McDonald (percussion); Leslie Miller, Patti Austin, Toni Wine, Lani Groves, Diva Gray, Gordon Grody, Frank Floyd, Zack Sanders, Valerie Simpson (background vocals).
Steely Dan - Aja (1977)

01. Black Cow
02. Aja
03. Deacon Blues
04. Peg
05. Home at Last
06. I Got the News
07. Josie

Donald Fagen (vocals, keyboards); Walter Becker (guitar).

Additional personnel includes: Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Dean Parks (guitar); Tom Scott (tenor saxophone, lyricon); Wayne Shorter, Pete Christlieb (tenor saxophone); Plas Johnson (horns); Victor Feldman (keyboards, vibraphone, percussion); Joe Sample, Michael Omartian (keyboards); Chuck Rainey (bass); Paul Humphrey, Bernard Purdie, Steve Gadd (drums); Tim Schmit, Clydie King, Michael McDonald (background vocals).
Steely Dan - Royal Scam (1976)

01. Kid Charlemagne
02. Caves of Altamira, The
03. Don't Take Me Alive
04. Sign in Stranger
05. Fez, The
06. Green Earrings
07. Haitian Divorce
08. Everything You Did
09. Royal Scam, The

Donald Fagen (vocals, keyboards); Walter Becker (guitar, bass).

Additional personnel: Larry Carlton, Elliot Randall, Dean Parks, Dennis Dias (guitar); Chuck Findley, Bob Findley, Slyde Hyde, Jim Horn, Plas Johnson, John Klemmer (horns); Victor Feldman (keyboards, percussion); Paul Griffin, Don Grolnick (keyboards); Chuck Rainey (bass); Bernard Purdie, Rick Marotta (drums); Gary Coleman (percussion); Venetta Fields, Clydie KIng, Sherlie Matthews, Tim Schmit, Michael McDonald (background vocals).
Steely Dan - Katy Lied (1975)

01. Black Friday
02. Bad Sneakers
03. Rose Darling
04. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
05. Doctor Wu
06. Everyone's Gone to the Movies
07. Your Gold Teeth II
08. Chain Lightning
09. Any World (That I'm Welcome to)
10. Throw Back the Little Ones

Donald Fagen (vocals, piano, keyboards); Walter Becker (guitar, bass).

Additional personnel includes: Denny Dias, Rick Derringer, Dean Parks, Elliot Randall, Hugh McCracken, Larry Carlton (guitar); Phil Woods (alto saxophone); Michael Omartian, David Paich (piano, keyboards); Victor Feldman (vibraphone, percussion); Chuck Rainey, Wilton Felder (bass); Jeff Porcaro (drums, dorophone); Hal Blaine (drums); Michael McDonald, Sherlie Matthews, Carolyn Willis, Myrna Matthews (background vocals).
Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic (1974)

01. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
02. Night by Night
03. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
04. Barrytown
05. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
06. Parker's Band
07. Through With Buzz
08. Pretzel Logic
09. With a Gun
10. Charlie Freak
11. Monkey in Your Soul

Donald Fagen (vocals, keyboards); Walter Becker (guitar, bass instrument); Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Denny Dias (guitar).

Additional personnel: Dean Parks (guitar); Michael Omartian (keyboards); Timothy B. Schmit, Victor Feldman (marimba); Chuck Rainey (bass instrument); Jeff Porcaro, Jim Gordon (drums).
Steely Dan - Live at the Record Plant (1974)

01 - Introduction / Waiting for drummer
02 - Bodhisattva
03 - The Boston Rag
04 - Do It Again
05 - Any Major Dude
06 - King Of The World
07 - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
08 - Pretzel Logic
09 - Your Gold Teeth II (Jam)
10 - Reelin' In The Years
11 - This All Too Mobile Home
Steely Dan - Going Mobile (Live) (1974)

01. Intro
02. Bodhisattva
03. The Boston Rag
04. Do It Again
05. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
06. King of the World
07. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
08. Pretzel Logic
09. Your Gold Teeth II
10. Reelin' in the Years
11. This All Too Mobile Home
Steely Dan - Countdown To Ecstasy (1973)

01. Bodhisattva
02. Razor Boy
03. Boston Rag, The
04. Your Gold Teeth
05. Show Biz Kids
06. My Old School
07. Pearl of the Quarter
08. King of the World

Walter Becker (vocals, harmonica, bass instrument); Donald Fagen (vocals, piano, electric piano, synthesizer); Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (guitar, pedal steel guitar); Denny Dias (guitar); Jim Hodder (drums, percussion, background vocals).

Additional personnel: Ben Benay (acoustic guitar); Rick Derringer (slide guitar); Ernie Watts, Johnny Rotella, Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins (saxophone); Victor Feldman (vibraphone, marimba, percussion); Ray Brown (12-string bass).
Steely Dan - Can't Buy A Thrill (1972)

01. Do It Again
02. Dirty Work
03. Kings
04. Midnight Cruiser
05. Only a Fool Would Say That
06. Reelin' in the Years
07. Fire in the Hole
08. Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me)
09. Change of the Guard
10. Turn That Heartbeat Over Again

Donald Fagen (vocals, piano, electric piano, organ); Walter Becker (vocals, bass instrument); David Palmer (vocals); Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (guitar, pedal steel guitar); Denny Dias (guitar, sitar); Jim Hodder (drums, percussion, background vocals).

Additional personnel: Elliott Randall (guitar); Jerome Richardson (tenor saxophone); Snooky Young (flugelhorn); Victor Feldman (percussion); Clydie King, Venetta Fields, Shirley Matthews (background vocals).

You Gotta Walk it Like You Talk it - 1971

01. Dog Eat Dog [0:03:44.30]
02. Red Giant / Green Dwarf [0:08:02.20]
03. You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It [0:02:54.27]
04. If It Rains [0:07:05.65]
05. Flotsam & Jetsam [0:03:28.45]
06. Roll Back The Meaning [0:03:44.13]
07. War & Peace [0:01:37.01]
08. You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (Reprise) [0:00:43.27]

Line Up:
Denny Dias - guitar and percussion
John Discepolo - drums
Walter Becker - bass and guitars
Donald Fagen - keyboards


Steely Dan — американская рок-группа, исполняющая сложный, нестандартный джаз-фьюжн с элементами софт-рока, фанка, ритм-энд-блюза. Составляющие основу коллектива Уолтер Беккер и Дональд Фэйген препочитают студийную работу и редко выступают с концертами; в своих умных и необычных текстах они нередко касаются «темных» сторон жизни (наркотики, криминал и т. д.).Steely Dan имели стабильный успех в 1970-х годах (первого успеха добившись в 1972 — с хитами «Do It Again» и «Reeling in the Years»), но впоследствии получили от журнала Rolling Stone определение «идеальные антигерои в музыке 70-х».Группа распалась в 1981 году, но реформировалась двенадцать лет спустя и возобновила концертную и студийную деятельность. В XXI веке Steely Dan выпустили два альбома нового материала, за первый из которых, Two Against Nature, получил Грэмми.Название группы было позаимствовано из культовой книги «Голый завтрак» Берроуза. Так назывался гигантский искусственный член, поднимаемый паром.

http://my-files.ru/gjej96 *** 1
http://my-files.ru/a3ff3x *** 2
http://my-files.ru/hwuw2g *** 3



(21.01.16 - 04:54) - (Music)Man:

Забрал на радостях и эту полновесную дискографию. Несмотря на то, что подавляющую часть подборки уже слышал ранее, скачал, главным образом, из-за:

2012 - Добротный бутлег с приличным звуком (что не часто бывает в случае Steely Dan)

2014 - неплохой по музыке концертник с пристойным звуком никогда не помешает :-) Несколько подпортило впечатление некорректная разрезка композиций Aja - Hey Nineteen (02:10 минуты этой композиции - фактически кода Aja, потом пауза, аплодисменты и с 02:20 начинается уже Hey Nineteen, которая тут развёрнута и совмещена с представлением публике состава Steely Dan Orchestra).

2014 - совсем ранний материал (pre- Steely Dan). Звук хороший и это радует, большинство этих песен тоже слышал по другим источникам. Материал занятный, интересен в познавательном плане для фанов (откуда и как создавался неподраажаемый музыкальный стиль группы).

Подборка очень достойная, все официальные диски тут есть и даже более того. Можно в ознакомительном плане слушать прямо хронологически, не пугаясь ранних лет: где-то с 1975-1976 гг. обозначился и был нащупан свой неповторимый саунд, уверенно заявлен в 1977 г. и далее был филигранно разработан в последующих записях.
Имеет смысл хронологически перемежать с 1982 г. уже и сольниками Дональда Фэгана (его дискография тут накануне была выложена). Такой порядок создаст более осмысленное представление, как развивалась музыка группы.

И ещё, Steely Dan - перфекционисты от звука (по диску 1980 г. западники-меломаны свои хай-фаи проверяли). Для большего кайфа слушать их стоит в lossless качестве, музыка того стоит.

Lake, спасибо за отличную музыку!


(21.01.16 - 04:58) - (Music)Man:

(3 части архива - зависимые, тащить надо все)


(21.01.16 - 05:13) - (Music)Man:

поправлю себя:
2015 - совсем ранний материал (pre- Steely Dan)...

(21.01.16 - 06:42) - Lake:

Мне Gaucho у них от души нравится
А зарелизил я их , да пусть будет , может кому надо , качает то быстро ?


(21.01.16 - 06:59) - (Music)Man:

вчера качал, канал мой средний, загружен был полностью, т.е. сервак отдаёт приемлемо.

Gaucho - очень хорош, а может и лучший даже из всего их творчества (субъективно).

Сейчас вот слушаю трибьюты и каверы (два альбома тут таких) - очень местами звучат интересно. Раньше я их целиком не слушал.

(21.01.16 - 07:47) - Lake:

У них бывает к вечеру , когда все налетают скорость падает , а ночью - молнией , и утром
И срок хранения большой
Может когда то кто то заглянет и скачает


(22.01.16 - 11:29) - (Music)Man:

Естественное дополнение к этому - Дискография Дональда Фэгана (от Lake):

Donald Fagen - Collection 2016

По сути, это тоже Steely Dan.


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Шурка: Спасибо!

Шурка: Спасибо!

Николай: Добрый день, Мишель! Не удаётс...

007: pula2012, пожалуйста!

michel.sosnin: pula2012, пожалуйста!

(27.10.20 07:40)
Тема: Кто знает сборник BassTal...
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(26.10.20 17:51)
Тема: Scott Holt
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(25.10.20 22:02)
Тема: Robin Sylar
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(25.10.20 14:48)
Тема: Andy Santana
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(25.10.20 14:42)
Тема: Mel Brown аnd The Homewre...
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(25.10.20 12:37)
Тема: Carlos Elliot Jr.
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