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Stan Getz Quartet - Live In Amsterdam, Dusseldorf & Zurich (1960)

Исполнитель: Stan Getz Quartet
Название альбома: Live In Amsterdam, Dusseldorf & Zurich
Год выпуска: 2016, Fresh Sound Records
Формат файлов: Flac
Размер архива: 515 Mb
Скачать с: dfiles

Stan Getz, one of the most gifted and influential of American jazzmen of his time and a consistent favorite of the U.S. public, was living since July 1958 in a small
town outside Copenhagen, where he had started a new life. Like many American expatriate jazzmen, he found the relaxed European lifestyle more conducive to his
creativity; there was more time to develop and try out new ideas. It was to prove an artistically flourishing and assertive time for him.

By the spring of 1960, he was ready to leave Copenhagen and start travelling the continent with Norman Granz’ Jazz at the Philharmonic troupe, where, in Swedish pianist Jan Johansson, Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums, he had an excellent rhythm section to support the more lyrical and forceful playing he achieved in Europe. “He doesn’t seem dry and intellectual as he used to,” said one Danish jazz critic. “He has soul in every note he plays. Getz demonstrates that the modern school isn’t as bloodless as people have been thinking. He builds up his themes with unerring logic, and it is almost incredible that he can give his tone so much richness and fullness without vibrato…” It was a golden time for Getz, and all these qualities are evident in these concert performances recorded in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Zurich.

1. Out of Nowhere (Green-Heyman) 9:09
2. The Thrill Is Gone (Henderson-Brown) 4:19
3. Lover Come Back to Me (Romberg-Hammerstein II) 8:32
4. Pammie’s Tune (Stan Getz) 8:36
5. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Wolf-Landesman) 4:21
6. Gone with the Wind (Wrubel-Magidson) 5:51
7. Cherokee (Ray Noble) 8:03
8. Woody ‘n You (Dizzy Gillespie) 7:27
9. Pernod (Johnny Mandel) 7:44
10. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson) 5:10
11. Land’s End (Harold Land) 9:30

Tracks #1-7, recorded at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, April 10, 1960
Tracks #8-9, recorded at Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, March 28, 1960
Tracks #10-11, recorded at Kongresshaus, Zurich, April 8, 1960

Stan Getz, tenor sax
Jan Johansson, piano
Ray Brown, bass
Ed Thigpen, drums



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