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Stan Getz Quartet, Astrud Gilberto - The Lost Recordings: Live at the Berlin Jazz Festival 1966 (2021)

Исполнитель: Stan Getz Quartet, Astrud Gilberto
Название альбома: The Lost Recordings:
Live at the Berlin Jazz Festival 1966 (2CD)
Год выпуска: 2021
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 190,2 MB
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01. On Green Dolphin Street (Live) (6:48)
02. Introduction by Stan Getz (Live) (0:52)
03. The Singing Song (Live) (3:13)
04. The Shadow of Your Smile (Live) (5:10)
05. O Grande Amor (Live) (6:42)
06. Blues Walk (Live) (6:38)
07. Once Upon a Summertime (Live) (6:43)
08. Edelweiss (Live) (4:16)
09. Medley: Desafinado/Chega De Saudade (Live) (6:50)
10. Samba De Uma Nota Só (Live) (3:44)
11. The Shadow of Your Smile (Live Vocal Version) (3:05)
12. Você E Eu (Eu E Voce) (Live) (2:41)
13. Corcovado (Live) (4:26)
14. The Telephone Song (Live) (2:01)
15. It Might as Well Be Spring (Live) (4:14)
16. The Girl from Ipanema (Live) (4:11)
17. Announcement by Stan Getz (Live) (0:38)
18. Jive Hoot (Live) (9:04)
19. Goodbye by Stan Getz (Live) (0:58)

This concert of Stan Getz Quartet & Astrud Gilberto live at the berlin Jazz Festival in 1966, is presented in its entirety as a world premiere.

The Lost Recordings found the master tapes of this double recital in the Berlin radio archives. How can one not be transported by this concert, which delivers a previously unreleased version of the tracks from the legendary 1964 album on Verve? The label is offering the world premiere of this concert recorded at the Berlin Philharmonic, as part of the 1966 Berliner Jazztage. The 19 tracks of this now unforgettable concert are added to the collection with, as always, an unequalled sound quality, thanks to the Phoenix Mastering® process.

The concert given by Stan Getz's quartet with Astrud Gilberto on November 4, 1966, was a sort of contretemps. In these crazy years when everything is rushing, things have indeed changed in the lives and careers of the two main protagonists who, after a fleeting romance, have each regained their personal and artistic independence. The opening bars of "Samba de Uma Nota so" instantaneously wrought the magic of the reunion. As if time had stood still, the hesitant fragility of Astrud's voice against the foggy, iridescent sounds of Gary Burton's vibraphone, amplified by the airy countermelody of Getz's saxophone, recreated all the freshness and innocence of the legendary recording of 1964. In an astutely compiled suite of bossa nova standards ("Voce e eu" by Gilberto Gil, "Corcovado" and "The Girl from Ipanema" by Jobim) combined with compositions that were jazzier in both form and spirit ("Jive Hoot" de Bob Brookmeyer and the sentimental standards "The Shadow of your Smile" and "It Might As Well Be Spring") Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz perform with restraint yet communicate their joy of playing together. Instead of giving the impression of a return to the past, they give life to this sensual, melancholic music as if they were falling in love with the offspring of their respective musical passion.

Stan Getz - Saxophone
Gary Burton - Vibraphone
Chuck Israels - Double bass
Roy Haynes - Drums
Astrud Gilberto - Vocals

Recorded live at The Berlin Jazz Festival, Germany, November 4, 1966

Label: The Lost Recordings

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Asmadey, пожалуйста!


(26.09.21 - 11:08) - thomas:

Отлично, что издают не только музыку, но и всякие разговоры. Кстати, ранее было издано несколько треков этого концерта, но без вокала.


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