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Roger Kellaway, Jan Allan, Red Mitchel – That Was That (1991)

Исполнитель: Roger Kellaway, Jan Allan, Red Mitchell
Название альбома: That Was That
Год выпуска: 1991
Формат файлов: mp3 vbr-0
Размер архива: 100mb rar
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Although pianist Roger Kellaway's name is listed first, this CD has the very personal stamp of Red Mitchell. These 1991 sessions took place in Mitchell's Stockholm apartment, just before he returned to the U.S. Kellaway and Mitchell worked together a number of times prior to the bassist's death in 1992, and this time around they added Swedish trumpeter Jan Allan. Kellaway has long been a versatile player who keeps things fresh, while Mitchell's jovial basslines often have a conversational sound. Allan is the wild card, since he isn't too well known outside of Europe, though he generally acquits himself quite well, especially with his muted horn in the swinging "C Jam Blues" and the breezy take of "Exactly Like You," though he has trouble keeping up with his partners' level of playing in "Billie's Bounce." Kellaway and Mitchell, being old friends, renew their chemistry with ease throughout both dates. Mitchell also adds a humorous vocal in his "Leavin' Blues" and scats up a storm in "That Was That." One of Mitchell's final recordings, this is an enjoyable outing. ©

Label - Dragon Records (Sweden)

Roger Kellaway – piano
Jan Allan - trumpet
Red Mitchell - bass, vocal

1. Gone With The Wind
2. Leavin' Blues
3. Exactly Like You
4. Bridge Across Forever
5. When Lights Are Low
6. How Deep Is The Ocean
7. Billie's Bounce
8. Crazy She Calls Me
9. C Jam Blues
10. That Was That



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