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Roberto Cipelli with Paolo Fresu - L'equilibrio di Nash (2020)

Исполнитель: Roberto Cipelli , Paolo Fresu
Название альбома: L'equilibrio di Nash
Год выпуска: 2020
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 136,8 MB
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01.Donna dona (5:08)
02.Alfonsina y el Mar (3:07)
03.Il momento perfetto (3:02)
04.Little Girl Blue (5:11)
05.Strategia, pt. 1 (1:53)
06.Parlami d'amore Mariù (3:49)
07.Practical Arrangement (3:42)
08.L'uomo ironico (2:15)
09.Strategia, pt. 2 (1:10)
10.Lasciatemi morire (4:04)
11.Stillness (2:37)
12.Coraçao Vagabundo (3:38)
13.Strategia, pt. 3 (1:39)
14.Lamento della ninfa (4:25)
15.L'equilibrio di Nash (Per Moni) (3:02)
16.Pure Imagination (3:36)
17.Can't Help Singing (3:08)
18.Preludio n° 20 in do min op. 28 (2:13)

"Nash Equilibrium" is a series of strategies in game theory for which in an equilibrium situation one player makes a bold and sudden move to which the other responds with an equally courageous one, in order to maintain balance: a accurate metaphor of interplay between musicians improvising on stage. And “Nash's equilibrium” is the title of Roberto Cipelli's album with Paolo Fresu to be released on October 16th for TUK Music. The album is the culmination of a relationship that has lasted for 36 years within the historic Fresu quintet, a collaboration steeped in deep and lasting friendship and which finally led them to record an album for two voices. The idea of ​​the work is inspired by listening to Chet Baker's "Diane" with Paul Bley, a 1986 album with which the duo shares the presence of "Little Girl Blue" and a propensity for melody and lyricism, but from which at the same time the project diverges significantly. To the originals signed by the Cremonese pianist, three improvisations are added differently numbered but characterized by the word "strategy", where the melodic taste is accompanied by a research more devoted to abstraction. All this is made up of a heterogeneous choice of songs by various authors that embrace the interests and plays of the leader, ranging from standard, Sting, Mercedes so sa and Caetano Veloso, soundtracks, the Italian song, Chopin and Monteverdi, the latter subject for years of in-depth studies by hair and present with two episodes. Cover image is by the Brescian artist Paola pieces who continues her precious collaboration with TUK Music: this is the third work, after those appeared on the discs the future is a Tree by Marco Bardoscia and rewanderlust by the Paolo Fresu Quintet. Roberto cipell, plan; Paolo Fresu

Roberto Cipelli piano
Paolo Fresu trumpet

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