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Rene Urtreger & Agnes Desarthe - Premier Rendez-Vous (2017)

Исполнитель: Rene Urtreger & Agnes Desarthe
Название альбома: Premier Rendez-Vous
Год выпуска: 2017
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 131,2 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

She had opened its pages, he now hosts in his piano... in The spring of 2016, Agnès Desarthe signed The King René, editions Odile Jacob. A biography also touching that exciting René Urtreger. Now a year later, the pianist hands him the microphone to record this First rendez-vous... Last accompanist Lester Young studio, companion Bobby Jaspar and Barney Wilen, recording with Lionel Hampton and Chet Baker, Urtreger is one of those european musicians who, without knowing it, invented the sound of an era and became the best servants of the jazz on the Old continent. Music for the film, but especially the tours with the greatest, from Dizzy Gillespie to Lee Konitz, passing by Johnny Griffin, Sonny Rollins and Stan Getz... at the age of 83 passed, the King René accompanies Agnès Desarthe quite impressive for a class on this disk that illumines the fall of 2017. In the company of sidemen hand-picked (the saxophonist Géraldine Laurent, bassist Pierre Boussaguet, drummer Simon Goubert, and the violinist Alexis Lograda), she revisits with a real charm of the standard gold-plated (The Man I Love, Just One Of Those Things, Body & Soul, You Go To My Head, Everything Happens To Me...) and interprets everything in a delicacy of the original documents, which she signs the texts. Where the First appointment is not a missed appointment is that Agnès Desarthe never seeks to take for Billie or Ella – mission impossible – but rather to find a approach to voice almost spoken ; or frankly spoken, such as on The Giant and The outdoor Shower. As if the narrator she was in the book was the narrator in the musical. Far from fleeting fashions, here's a disc out of the time which takes its time. © CM/Qobuz

01 The Man I love 06:52
02 Le premier rendez-vous 06:05
03 Thème pour un ami 03:35
04 La géante 02:28
05 Lady Amanda 06:16
06 Everything Happens to Me 05:24
07 La douche en plein air 02:32
08 Just One of Those Things 04:42
09 Body and Soul 06:08
10 Valsajane 03:56
11 Le foin 02:51
12 You Go to My Head 03:55
13 Bouncing with Bud 01:05

René Urtreger- piano
Géraldine Laurent - sax alto
Pierre Boussaguet - bass
Simon Goubert - drums
Alexis Lograda - viola
Agnes Desarthe - vocal



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