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Raymond Scott Conducts The Rock 'N Roll Symphony (1958)

Исполнитель: Raymond Scott
Название альбома: Raymond Scott Conducts The Rock 'N Roll Symphony
Год выпуска: 1958, Everest
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 92 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

Even among his supporters, The Rock 'n Roll Symphony is the most controversial album of Raymond Scott's career. Made in 1958 in the earliest days of Everest Records, where Scott was working A&R, it is the one commercial recording he made that reflects his day job as music director of the popular Your Hit Parade television shows. Your Hit Parade was sort of the 1950s equivalent to American Idol, except that the performers were not in competition and appeared from week to week; it started on radio in 1936 and gave rise to the first pop charts ever kept. At the end of the 1956-1957 television season, ABC fired the entire cast of the show, including Scott, owing to its inability to keep pace with the incursion of rock & roll music; indeed, watching crooner Snooky Lanson sing songs like "Rip It Up" must have seemed a little ridiculous. Although Scott's own stated purpose in making The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was of creating "rock 'n roll for the entire family, mood music that will span generations," one can argue that he wanted to demonstrate to ABC that it could be done by adapting hits in a rock-styled treatment for conventional orchestra and performers. The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was Scott's most successful LP and was reissued twice during his lifetime under different titles, including the rather unfortunate choice of Warm Rain.
The result is neither rock & roll nor symphony. It is rather plain, though elegant, mood music professionally scored, with a rhythm section consisting of piano, electric bass, and drums and the distinctive sound of saxophonist Sam "The Man" Taylor -- a real plus to some expert listeners, though it might not make a difference to others. Occasionally the strings are a little overbearing, and that has led to its low standing among some of Scott's most dedicated supporters, one of whom commented that he didn't care if it ever appeared on CD. Finally, the Acrobat firm in the U.K. has issued The Rock 'n Roll Symphony on a disc containing both its mono and stereo versions. The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was one of the earliest stereo LPs on the American market, and the stereo version is the one to experience here on tracks 13-24. The master tape of the mono version is in poor condition, being out of phase and containing numerous dropouts; one wonders why it was placed up front on the CD. The enthusiasm of annotator Austin Powell is to be admired, though -- as many writers on Scott before him have done -- he introduces some questionable facts and engages in some measure of hyperbole.
One artist who did benefit from the example of The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was Lawrence Welk -- or rather, his arranger George Cates -- who replaced the piano with a harpsichord and went onto score a number of hits, including Calcutta, directly modeled on Scott's example. A good way to describe the effect of the album is that it is like soundtrack music for a period romantic mystery movie directed by David Lynch, though some might say there is nothing to distinguish it from countless other easy listening albums of its kind, of which The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was likely the first. Anyone looking for the genius found in Scott's Quintette and electronic music will not find it here, and while the CD doesn't sound quite as good as the Everest LP pressing, it is far less expensive than trying to obtain an original. While The Rock 'n Roll Symphony may not represent Raymond Scott at his most creative, its return to the active catalog is certainly welcome. Perhaps next time it will include the far rarer This Time with Strings.
Uncle Dave Lewis, AMG

Side 1
1. How High The Moon
2. Summertime
3. Orchids In The Moonlight
4. Amor
5. What Is This Thing Called Love
6. Deep Purple

Side 2
1. Star Dust
2. True Love
3. All The Things You Are
4. La Cumparsita
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
6. What Is Your Heart (Song Of The Moulin Rouge)

Arranged By, Conductor – Raymond Scott
Drums – Terry Snyder
Guitar – Barry Galbraith
Piano – Bob Kitsis
Tenor Saxophone – Sam "The Man" Taylor



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