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Ray Anderson Lapis Lazuli Band - Funkorific (1998)

Исполнитель: Ray Anderson
Название альбома: Funkorific
Год выпуска: 1998
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 cbr
Размер архива: 120 mb
Скачать с: multiupload

01 Pheromonical
02 Runnin' Round
03 Mirror Mirror
04 Damaged But Good
05 Hammond Eggs
06 Monkey Talk
07 I'm Not A Spy
08 Funkorific
09 Willie & Muddy

Ray Anderson - trombone, vocal
Amina Claudine Myers - piano, hammond organ, vocal
Jerome Harris - guitar
Lonnie Plaxico - bass
Tommy campbell - drums

"Considered one of the all-time masters on his instrument, trombonist Ray Anderson is well known as a player with sparkling wit and originality who easily mixes new jazz with swing, funk, Latin and oldtime grooves. Years ago, critic Art Lange wrote: "He can laze a loose-limbed legato line with the insouciance of a Vic Dickenson or provide locomotive tailgaiting with the urgency of a Kid Ory, delve into deft vocalization with the fluency of a Mangelsdorff, bend notes bluesily a la Lawrence Brown, or offer a sense of humor amid stuttering articulation reminiscent of Dicky Wells." Over the years, Anderson has been coming up with several successful band concepts such as the Slickaphonics, BassDrumBone, the Alligatory Band, and Slideride.

With his brand new project, the LAPIS LAZULI BAND, Ray Anderson turns to the blues, and he does it in his own unmistakable way: jazzy, funky, and with a lot of fun. He is congenially assisted by the legendary Amina (Claudine Myers), ex-member in the bands of Anthony Braxton, Charlie Haden, Muhal Richard Abrams, Greg Osby, and Henry Threadgill and formerly prominently featured in Lester Bowie's New York Organ Ensemble. The band is completed by Jerome Harris and Tommy Campbell, both known for their work with Sonny Rollins, and bass player Lonnie Plaxico, once one of the leading figures of the M-Base scene. No doubt that this vital band will pack the clubs and thrill the audiences just like Anderson's previous" enjarecords.com



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1 Pheromonical Anderson 5:10
2 Runnin' Round Anderson 5:20
3 Mirror Mirror Anderson, Raven 4:34
4 Damaged But Good Anderson, Raven 4:59
5 Hammond Eggs Anderson 7:04
6 Monkey Talk Anderson, Raven 4:29
7 I'm Not a Spy Anderson, Raven 6:09
8 Funkorific Anderson 5:43
9 Willie & Muddy Anderson 11:00

Recorded January 18-22, 1998

1998 Enja Records ENJ-9340 2 Germany CD, Album

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