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Peo Alfonsi - Change of Heart (2014)

Исполнитель: Peo Alfonsi
Название альбома: Change of Heart
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 123,2 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

01. Farmer's Trust (Metheny) - 3:45
02. Midwestern Nights Dream (Metheny) - 3:24
03. James (Metheny) - 2:17
04. Story from a Stranger (Metheny) - 4:24
05. It's Just Talk (Metheny) - 4:29
06. Mas Alla (feat. Ivan Lopez) (Metheny-Aznar) - 7:01
07. Unity Village (Metheny) - 2:31
08. So May It Secretly Begin (Metheny) - 4:31
09. Antonia (Metheny) - 3:57
10. Every Day (I Thank You) (Metheny) - 5:00
11. 80/81 (Metheny) - 3:23
12. Change of Heart (Metheny) - 3:41
13. The Bat (Metheny) - 3:58

When a complex arrangement of music for a band is distilled down to a single instrument, that’s when the strength of the song’s structure, the essential beauty of its melody and harmony, is fully revealed.
We know the basic building blocks of Pat Metheny’s compositions are solid and often sublime, so it’s great to be reminded of them.
Peo Alfonsi, the Sardinian who first came to international attention when Al Di Meola chose to pay in a duo with him and then incorporated him into his New World Sinfonia, plays an acoustic guitar and here treats 13 of Metheny’s tunes to his own interpretations. There are no overdubs and on one song, Mas Alla, he is joined by Ivan Lopez singing lyrics by Pedro Aznar. All the rest are solo Alfonsi.
You’ll find many of your favourites here, from Farmer’s Trust to James, from Every Day (I Thank You) to It’s Just Talk, from So May It Secretly Begin to Change Of Heart.
I’m sure there will be added fascination here for guitarists – Alfonsi manages to convey a whole band’s worth of musical information with just six strings and two hands – but for the rest of us there are the simple pleasures of hearing songs we know and love given fresh interpretations by a guitarist who manages the whole thing without ever sounding like a Metheny mimic.
He is definitely his own man, and an exceptionally sensitive and insightful player. If you have all the Metheny albums you want, you might feel you don’t really need this disc as well. But have a listen – it might just change your mind. - Peter Bacon

Peo Alfonsi - solo guitar
Ivan Lopez - vocals (#6)

Recorded at Movie Your Sound, Verona on November 6-7, 2014.
Ivan Lopez's vocals recorded at LAb06 Studio, Valencia.



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