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Palacio - D'un Ocean A L'autre (2019)

Исполнитель: Palacio
Название альбома: D'un Ocean A L'autre
Год выпуска: 2019
Формат файлов: mp3 320 kbps
Размер архива: 120 mb
Скачать с: turbobit


01. Tres
02. Angel's Dance
03. El Palacio de Cristal
04. Un temps pour Olivier
05. D'un océan à l'autre
06. Black Orpheus
07. Gouttes
08. Lavandes hier
09. Quietness
10. Nardis
11. Comphiture
12. Waving Song

Here, over twelve soft beaches, twelve musical moments to breathe happiness and let loose his heartbeat at the mercy of emotion, we find mainly compositions of saxophonist and composer Chartrain Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann, but also two other signed Olivier Cahours and Miles Davis. Note a delicious Brazilian quote arranged by Luiz Bonfa, "Black Orfeus", one of the keys to love this South color recording where pleasure is distilled for a long time. O Jazz, rightly enthusiastic: "Here is a European jazz, lyrical, with refined harmonies and multiple ethnic influences".

Present March 22 at the festival Jazz March Brou (Eure et Loire), this trio composed of Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann, soprano saxophone, Alain Grange, cello, Oliviers Cahours, seven-string acoustic guitar, will open on April 9 the Jazz or Jazz festival at the Orleans Theater. At the national level the release of this disc will take place on April 12th.
Once again, here is a long-running opus, caressing, shimmering, bounding and luminous. Here the saxophonist assaulted modesty, restraint and a heady and sharp tone. Still the place for singing and beautiful bow-strokes, claw-claw cello, and the virtuoso virtuosity of a guitarist doing wonderfully flirt the heat of tango with shimmering flamenco.

In short, here again is a very rare record that offers us the association Ô Jazz led by Jean-Louis Derenne and Bernard Cassat, an accomplished work, an album very delicate, intimate, full of momentum and fruit of a harmonious osmosis , that of artists discoursing with a precious as elegant tenderness. All give meaning to this fragrance evoked by the phrases highlighted in this recording: "In Madrid, strolling under the sun around the Palacio de Cristal is an adventure. With the play of transparencies and reflections in motion, the image is never fixed. The step is driven by the intoxication of renewal and returns the walker to his childhood and his first rides. In turn, the lake plays the game of mirrors. The children are running. The ear picks up snatches of words, calls, songs, and cries in all languages, floating above a distant, warm buzz. "Nice notes of intent and attention.



(19.04.19 - 22:35) - Spike:

Oliviers Cahours - seven-string acoustic guitar
Alain Grange - cello
Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann - soprano saxophone


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