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Nancy LaMott - Nancy Lamott Sings David Zippel (2016)

Исполнитель: Nancy LaMott
Название альбома: Nancy Lamott Sings David Zippel
Год выпуска: 2016
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 151,2 MB
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

01. Intro (0:23)
02. You Can Always Count On Me (4:05)
03. Another Mr. Right (4:35)
04. Intro To In Someone Else's Arms (0:59)
05. In Someone Else's Arms (3:41)
06. Outro To In Someone Else's Arms (0:14)
07. Intro To Let Go (1:43)
08. Let Go (3:34)
09. Life's Ambition (I Was Born To Be A Slide Trombone) (3:44)
10. Lost And Found (2:37)
11. I'll Be There For Him (3:37)
12. Camel's Blues (3:09)
13. Loud Is Good (4:17)
14. How Can I Win (3:21)
15. Lullaby (1:34)
16. In Someone Else's Arms (Pop Demo) (2:30)
17. Let Go (3:10)
18. Why Don't We Run Away (3:00)
19. With Every Breath I Take (5:04)
20. (Christmas) Stay With Me (4:56)
21. Just In Time For Christmas (4:05)

This CD, with songs by Nancy's long-time friend, Tony Winner and Academy Award Nominee David Zippel, captures, more than any of Nancy's other CD's, the experience of Nancy live and in the studio in the heyday of her New York Cabaret career. It's like being there!

David Zippel is one of our most treasured lyricists and Nancy LaMott's brilliant interpretations are a match made in heaven. Filled with never- before-heard songs of Nancy's. Hear Nancy live in the heyday of her New York Cabaret Career.

World famous composers such as Marvin Hamlisch and Cy Coleman accompany their own songs for Nancy.

Enjoy Nancy talking about the songs live in cabaret performances. Liner notes by David Zippel tell you the history of each song.

There is no more beautiful musical instrument than the voice of Nancy LaMott. Bob Harrington, New York Post

She brought to everything she sang a clean, clear sense of line, impeccable enunciation and a deep understanding of how a good song could convey a lifetime's experience. Stephen Holden --The New York Times

The best cabaret singer I ever heard ... heartfelt, irresistibly appealing. Terry Teachout --Wall Street Journal

She was the greatest cabaret singer since Sinatra. Jonathan Schwartz --National Public Radio Npr



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