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Morten Ramsbøl True North – Morten Ramsbøl True North (2019)

Исполнитель: Morten Ramsbøl True North
Название альбома: Morten Ramsbøl True North
Год выпуска: 2019
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 98,9 mb
Скачать с: turbobit.net

1 As Seen From Above 04:24
2 Marianne 01:29
3 Brothers 01:19
4 Keith 04:10
5 True North 07:22
6 Naymenhay 03:12
7 Le Grand 05:48
8 Signal Me 07:08
9 Brothers II 03:11
10 Surface 04:11

Morten Ramsbøl:
"Returning to my home in Denmark in the summer of 2017 inspired me to write new music that would feature some of my favorite musicians and a string quartet. Each morning for two weeks I sat at my piano without an agenda, expectations or plan, apart from allowing myself to "receive" whatever would come to me and document it on my phone.

After a few months I sent some finished melodies, chords and sketches to my friend, Austrian drummer, composer and band leader, Reini Schmölzer, whom I met in 2013 when I started working as professor for double bass at the Kunst Uni Graz, Austria. Reini was given the freedom to arrange, orchestrate, interpret my music and write for the string quartet.

In May 2018, Julian Argüelles, Jacob Karlzon, Reini Schmölzer and myself plus the Igmar Jenner String Quartet met for the first time as a band, rehearsed one day, played a concert in Graz and went to Italy the next morning to record the music.
The freshness and vitality can be heard on the recording and I humbly feel that the stars were aligned in our favor.”

Morten Ramsbøl – double bass
Julian Argüelles – saxophones
Jacob Karlzon – piano
Reini Schmölzer – drums and string arrangements
Igmar Jenner – violin
Andreas Semlitsch – violin
Delphine Krenn-Viard – viola
Katja Finsel – cello



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