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Matyas Barta Trio - Self-Reflection (2021)

Исполнитель: Mátyás Bartha
Название альбома: Self-Reflection
Год выпуска: 2021
Формат файлов: FLAC/MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 365,2 MB/144,9 MB
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01. They All Laughed 06:06
02. Self - Reflection 05:16
03. Stardust 06:53
04. Now Thank We All Our GodE 04:26
05. Easy Listening Blues 05:05
06. Untitled a Minor 05:24
07. All Through the Night 07:25
08. Untitled D Minor 06:30
09. Somewhere in the World 06:26
10. Lullaby of the Leaves 06:21

Welcome to the pianistic world of Mátyás Bartha. Mátyás has poured his heart, soul, and mind into his first recording as a leader. This project is a journey of self refl ection - a statement of who he is as a pianist, as a musician, and as a person.

Mátyás has impeccable technique. His hands are able to carry out the ideas his imagination offers, regardless of tempo or complexity.
While he is able to color a song with lush voicings and subtle internal counterpoints, what one hears fi rst and foremost is his deep love of melody. Whether he is stating the main theme of a song or creating variations through chord changes, Mátyás sings through the piano with clear and direct rhythm. He transmits his emotions directly to our ears and hearts.
In the social media age, young musicians are often encouraged to seek immediate attention through dazzling technique and fi reworks, forsaking space, patience, and emotional connection. Although Mátyás can “play the hell out of the piano,” he prefers using sophistication and elegance to draw us into his music to hear his story. Putting aside visions of popularity, he focuses on offering listeners acoustic beauty.

Mátyás is both a wonderful composer and a great interpreter of the Great American Songbook. His clever and melodic compositions and arrangements are full of surprises, smiles, and love for the swing beat.
Throughout the set, bassist Danny Ziemann and drummer Christian Salfellner accompany Mátyás selfl essly, always choosing to support the pianist rather than to show off personal abilities. However, when the moment comes for them to take the spotlight, Danny and Christian each play with fi re, imagination, and tenderness.
All three members of this relatively new yet cohesive group contributed to the direction of the songs, with each player giving his all to the music and the stories. While Mátyás has a strong connection to stride and other earlier piano styles, he felt a more modern approach suited this particular trio and recording project. As you listen, it is evident that rapport won over style – you will feel the connection between these three souls.
What an auspicious start, both for Mátyás Bartha as a lead recording artist, and for this beautifully integrated trio! This maiden voyage is no small feat. The combination of expertise, sincerity and diligence will take Mátyás far and wide artistically. We listeners can look forward to enjoying his journey as it unfolds in the years to come.
New York Jazz Pianist

Mátyás Bartha — piano
Danny Ziemann — bass
Christian Salfellner — drums

Alessa Records ALR 1099

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