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Mateusz Kołakowski, Dave Liebman - Live At Jazz Standard, New York (2008)

Исполнитель: Mateusz Kołakowski, Dave Liebman
Название альбома: Live at Jazz Standard, New York
Год выпуска: 2009
Формат файлов: mp3 320kbps cbr
Размер архива: 145mb rar
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How ambitious! How they dare to choose songs like those and assume that they can show something new, original, something we have not yet heard in numerous versions of these standards recorded up-to-this-date?!
Mateusz Kolakowski, 22 years old polish artist is prodigiously talented pianist, who concerted in Poland and abroad even as a child. But who now is somewhat in shadow of other young lions of polish jazz piano (the level of competition is very high in Poland as far as this instrument is concerned). If he wants to become significant figure in polish jazz he simply must learn from the best, work hard to create his own, unique sound and also keep in touch with the audience that is distracted by multiple interesting projects of other musicians. Yes, polish jazz scene is thriving and even such a talented musician as Kolakowski cannot take it for granted that he shall attain success if he does not show something new and worthy on regular basis.
Taking all this into account his recording with Dave Liebman is excellent move. He did what Oles brothers are doing on much larger scale (look into the cd review prior to this one) that is to make recordings with world top jazz players. By this he was able to put this record in the spotlight of polish jazz audience. But he also showed through this collabolaration that he is capable to inspire such a great and creative artist as Liebman. He showed that he also would like to be the artist searching for what is new in jazz, to reach the boundaries ot this musiacal genre, to be in avant garde of what is in jazz free, experimental, improvised. We shall closely observe this young man next steps. By this record he clearly showed great potential for future.
~ polish jazz, January 10, 2010

Label – Fenommedia (Poland)
Recorded live September 9, 2008 at the Jazz Standard, New York

Mateusz Kołakowski - piano
Dave Liebman - soprano sax, wooden flute

1. Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez) (08:54)
2. Body and Soul set I (John Green / Edward Heyman) (08:52)
3. Free (Mateusz Kołakowski / Dave Liebman) (06:06)
4. Nardis - Miles Davis (11:31)
5. Footprints (Wayne Shorter) (12:46)
6. Body and Soul set II (John Green / Edward Heyman) (07:52)

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