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Ludovic Beier quartet - Chilltimes (2007)

Исполнитель: Ludovic Beier
Название альбома: Chilltimes
Год выпуска: 2007
Формат файлов: FLAC/mp3 320kbps
Размер архива: 358/128Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

1. Chilltimes
2. Boarding First Class
3. Fall Memories
4. Brooklyn Heights
5. More Than You Know
6. Embarcadero West
7. No Valse
8. Guanabara Bay - Angelo Debarre
9. Absenthe
10. Waltz for Richard
11. Playing with Idols
12. Loreley

Personnel: Ludovic Beier (accordion); Angelo Debarre (guitar); Christophe Cravero (piano); Diego Imbert (acoustic bass); Franck Agulhon (drums).

While modern jazz can enlist many timbres, the accordion is limited to a distinctive sound that everyone remembers. From distant memories of wedding bands, we recall the instrument in its stereotypical form: humble, harmonic and sometimes hilarious. The accordion can take on many different personalities, however, in the hands of creative artists who keep on searching.

Ludovic Beier brings us an instrumental voice similar to that of today's best jazz harmonicas on Chilltimes as he interprets this program of original music with his quartet. Sensual legato ballads and upbeat rhythmic romps bring the kind of character from his instrument that isn't usually associated with the accordion. Beier sings through both the accordion and the wind-driven accordina with a personal reflection that easily recalls the grace of harmonica players Toots Thielemans or Hendrik Meurkins. Beier, who's not yet 30, brings a fresh voice to modern jazz; however, his approach comes steeped deeply in the traditional sounds that have made today's music what it is. Along with pianist Christophe Cravero, bassist Diego Imbert and drummer Franck Agulhon, the accordionist strides right with an emphatic notice. As guitarist Angelo Debarre joins the quartet for "Guanabara Bay , the mood shifts to one of swing, recalling a great time for jazz in France: the era of Django Reinhardt. This one piece differs greatly from the rest of the album through its swing, but maintains a resolve for pure lyricism nevertheless.






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