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Lizz Wright - Salt (2003)

Исполнитель: Lizz Wright
Название альбома: Salt
Год выпуска: 2003
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 117,9 MB
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

1.Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly (5:07)
2.Salt (3:25)
3.Afro Blue (5:51)
4.Soon as I Get Home (4:26)
5.Walk With Me, Lord (4:06)
6.Eternity (3:35)
7.Goodbye (3:57)
8.Vocalise/End of the Line (4:33)
9.Fire (4:15)
10.Blue Rose (4:06)
11.Lead the Way (4:23)
12.Silence (2:42)

Vocalist Lizz Wright delivers jazz that harks back to such luminaries as Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln on her debut Verve release, Salt . Still in her early twenties, Wright has a warm, dusky voice reminiscent of Cassandra Wilson and similarly to Wilson seems interested in tackling an eclectic mix of jazz standards, traditional folk, and R&B. Early on, a folky afterglow-Latin version of "Afro Blue" takes center stage followed by the gorgeous "Soon as I Get Home," which betters the version from The Wiz. Wright fairs equally well as a songwriter with about half the album filled with her soaring, bluesy ballads. There is a melancholy yet positive '70s vibe that eminates from songs like "Fire," which resonates lyrically as well as melodically much like the personal/sociopolitical writing of another of Wright's obvious inspirations, Terry Callier. Perhaps a little too low-key to register very high on the pop radio scale, but invested with enough sanguine emotionality and chops to make Salt easily recommended to fans of the neo-soul movement. (Review by Matt Collar)

Personnel: Lizz Wright (vocals); Myron Walden (alto saxophone); Derrick Gardner (trumpet); Vincent Gardner (trombone); Kenny Banks (acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes piano); John Cowherd (acoustic piano); Sam Yahel (Hammond B-3 organ); Sarah Adams, Ron Carbone, Crystal Garner, Judy Witmerr (viola); Ellen Westerman (cello); Adam Rogers (acoustic, electric & bottleneck guitars); John Hart (acoustic guitar, guitar); Brian Blade (acoustic guitar); Doug Weiss (acoustic bass); Brian Blade, Terreon Gully, (drums); Jeff Haynes (percussion).



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