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Lalah Hathaway - Дискография

Исполнитель: Lalah Hathaway
Название альбома: 7СД
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: МП3 320
Размер архива: 644 МБ
Скачать с: My-Files.RU

Lalah Hathaway - Live (2015)

01. Little Ghetto Boy
02. Baby Don't Cry
03. I'm Coming Back
04. You Were Meant For Me
05. Angel
06. These Are The Things
07. Little Girl / Breathe
08. This Is Your Life
09. When Your Life Was Low
10. Forever, For Always, For Love
11. Lean On Me
12. Mirror
13. Brand New (Bonus Track)
14. Whatever (Bonus Track)

Lalah Hathaway (Where It All Begins) (2011)

01. Strong Woman
02. Where It All Begins
03. My Everything
04. Small Of My Back
05. If You Want To
06. Always Love You
07. Lie To Me
08. This Could Be Love
09. Wrong Way
10. You Were Meant For Me
11. I'm Coming Back (feat. Rachelle Ferrell)
12. Dreamland

Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait (2008)

01. Let Go
02. Breathe
03. On Your Own
04. For Always
05. That Was Then
06. Learning to Swim
07. 1 Mile
08. Little Girl
09. What Goes Around
10. Naked Truth
11. Udo
12. Tragic Inevitability

Taj Jackson, Rahsaan Patterson (vocals); Marlon Williams, Darrell Crooks, Charlie Campagna, Errol Cooney (guitar); Michael Ripoll (acoustic guitar); Alyssa Park, Joel Derouin, Charlie Bisharat, Mario Diaz de Leon (violin); Matt Funes, Andrew Duckles (viola); Larry Corbett, Steve Richards (cello); Albert Wing, Brandon Fields (saxophone); Lee Thornburg (trumpet); Nick Lane (trombone); Paula Gallitano (keyboards, bass synthesizer); Craig Brockman, Rex Rideout, Tim Carmon (keyboards); Marcus Miller (fretless bass); Cyril Directie, Keith Wilkins (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion); Kenneth Crouch (programming).

Lalah Hathaway - Outrun The Sky (2004)

01. How Many Times
02. Back Then
03. Your Favorite Song
04. Forever, for Always, for Love
05. Better and Better
06. Outrun the Sky
07. If U Ever
08. In the End
09. Admit It
10. Stronger
11. We Were 2
12. More
13. Boston

Lalah Hathaway (background vocals); Lalah Hathaway (vocals); Mike City (various instruments); Chris Parks (guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drum programming); Jubu Smith, John Jubu Smith, Ray Fuller, Eric Walls (guitar); Lee Thornburg (trumpet); Nick Lane (trombone); Rex Rideout (keyboards, programming); Michael White , Michael White (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion); Vivian Sessions, Jenny Douglas McRea, Kenya Hathaway (background vocals); David Delhomme (guitar, keyboards); Brandon Fields (saxophone); Tim Carmon (Fender Rhodes piano, organ); Poogie Bell (drums); Ricky Rodriguez (percussion).

Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway - The Song Lives On (1999)

01. Song Lives On, The
02. Fever
03. Come Along With Me
04. Living in Blue
05. Street Life
06. When Your Life Was Low
07. One Day I'll Fly Away
08. When the World Turns Blue
09. For All We Know
10. Bitter Sweet
11. Long Way From Home, A

Lalah Hathaway - A Moment (1994)

01. Let Me Love You
02. Rise
03. Family Affair
04. These Are The Things (You Do To Me)
05. Do You Suppose
06. Better As A Memory
07. Bad By Myself
08. Lean On Me
09. Separate Ways
10. Long After U Have Gone
11. I'm Not Over You
12. A Moment
13. So They Say

Lalah Hathaway (vocals, tambourine); Shari Young (vocals); Keith Crouch, Chuckii Booker (various instruments, background vocals); Dean Parks (acoustic guitar); Paul Jackson, Jr., Michael Eisenstein (guitar); Andre Ward (saxophone); Raymond Jones (piano); David Delhomme (piano, electric piano, keyboards); Brian Alexander Morgan (keyboards, drums, programming, background vocals); Freddie Washington (bass); David Cowan (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion); K.C. Porter (programming); El Debarge, Kipper Jones (background vocals).

Lalah Hathaway - Lalah Hathaway (1990)

01. Somethin'
02. Heaven Knows
03. Baby Don't Cry
04. Smile
05. U-Godit Gowin On
06. I'm Coming Back
07. Stay Home Tonight
08. I Gotta Move On
09. Sentimental
10. Obvious

Lalah Hathaway (vocals); Craig T. Cooper (various instruments); Donald Griffin, Michael Thompson, Dean Parks (guitar); Marc Russo (saxophone); Andre Fischer (keyboards, synthesizer, drums, percussion, programming); Gary Taylor (keyboards, programming); Russell Ferrante, Monty Seward, Randy Kerber (keyboards); Larry Steelman, Marc Hugenberger, Larry Williams (synthesizer); Derek Bramble (bass, programming); Neil Stubenhaus (bass); Will Kennedy, Jeff Porcaro (drums); Deborah T. Cooper (background vocals); Jean McClain (background vocals).



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