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Ken Navarro - Unbreakable Heart (2015)

Исполнитель: Ken Navarro
Название альбома: Unbreakable Heart
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 122,3 MB
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

01. Jaco Smiled (3:16)
02. One Night In Mumbai (4:10)
03. Unbreakable Heart (7:12)
04. Juliet (3:55)
05. Frenchmen Street (4:24)
06. Les Amis (5:21)
07. Kelleys Island (5:15)
08. Almost Home (4:51)
09. Until We Meet Again (5:20)
10. Hope (4:38)
11. Robin Fly Away (For Robin Williams) (3:52)

Eleven new contemporary jazz compositions from one of the genres most gifted and successful recording artists. Top charting and award winning contemporary/smooth jazz guitarist and composer Ken Navarro has created his 22nd album "Unbreakable Heart". Navarro's brilliant acoustic and electric work are featured throughout. Navarro's 2014 album "Ruby Lane" was in the top 10 at national radio and at Amazon.com for many months and his release from 2010 "Dreaming of Trains" was pre-nominated in 2 Grammy categories. Navarro has had numerous Top 5 songs at national radio for the past 25 years including "You Are Everything", "Smooth Sensation", "Ruby Lane" and "Eric's Dream".

From one of the most respected and critically acclaimed contemporary jazz guitarists in the world, comes an artful and heartfelt new collection of songs. Ken Navarro's 22nd album to date, UNBREAKABLE HEART, includes eleven new compositions, all gorgeous, all deeply moving, and all featuring Navarro's brilliant acoustic and electric guitar work. Delicate and introspective at times, upbeat and exhilarating at other moments, the instrumentation is rich and diverse and we're keen to mention that there is a lovely tribute to actor Robin Williams ("Robin Fly Away") and a notable nod to jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius ("Jaco Smiled"). From jazz to smooth, from classic to pop, the chart-topping, award-winning musician is certain to steal hearts, enthrall fans and capture new admirers with UNBREAKABLE HEART. --SANDY SHORE, Smoothjazz.com

Master guitarist, and on this project, multi-instrumentalist Ken Navarro continues to prove to be a truly prolific mastermind of melody on UNBREAKABLE HEART, an album where he reaches deep within to harness more of that magic that has kept him formidable and highly regarded in this marvelous art form we call jazz. With Navarro, there is a consistency of creativity on which you can rely. There are projects where he stretches out and tries different things and heads in a slightly different direction, but it's always another exciting side and expression of the Ken Navarro style. What's really cool and refreshing is the way he never abandons that smooth flavor he established so many years ago, as is evidenced on this silky, comfortable project that takes us on another delightful journey further into Navarroland. This time, he plays everything from all the guitars to piano to basses to violin to cello to string quartets and quintets and beyond. From note one to the end of this album, it's all unmistakably Navarro. ~ Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride



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