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Johnny Hodges - An Introduction to Johnny Hodges: His Best Recordings - 1928-1941 (1996)

Исполнитель: Johnny Hodges
Название альбома: An Introduction to Johnny Hodges: His Best Recordings - 1928-1941
Год выпуска: 1996
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 156 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

As Johnny Hodges was one of the top two or three all-time best soloists in the Duke Ellington Orchestra, you expect the bulk of this material to feature Hodges as a sideman with that organization. Ten tracks indeed are with Ellington, and they are potent reminders of why the
combination worked so well. Seven are with Hodges as a leader of, ostensibly, Duke's orchestra, with two alongside Lionel Hampton's big band, two more with Teddy Wilson's, and a single cut featuring Cootie Williams & His Rug Cutters. This collection may contain many well-known tunes
with Hodges soloing, but it falls short of being his "best" recordings, as a leader or otherwise. It does provide a good overview of Hodges not only as a vibrant soloist but as a team player, and can be recommended on that basis.
Michael G. Nastos, AMG

01. Tishomingo Blues
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 2:51
02. The Mooche
Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra 3:07
03. Flaming Youth
Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra 3:16
04. Double Check Stomp
Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra 2:55
05. The Sheik of Araby
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 2:58
06. Dear Old Southland
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 3:30
07. Sugar Plum
Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra 2:57
08. Blue Reverie
Cootie Williams & His Rug Cutters 2:53
09. Fine and Dandy
Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra 2:34
10. Whoa Babe
Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra 2:50
11. On the Sunny Side of the Street
Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra 3:13
12. The Gal from Joe's
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 2:56
13. Jeep's Blues
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 2:53
14. Hodge Podge
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 2:33
15. Dooji Wooji
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 2:57
16. Good Gal Blues
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 2:57
17. Never No Lament (Don't Get Around Much Anymore)
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 3:15
18. Warm Valley
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 3:22
19. Day Dream
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 2:53
20. Jump for Joy
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 2:52
21. Squatty Roo
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 2:21
22. Passion Flower
Johnny Hodges Orchestra 3:04

Recording Date: June 5, 1928 - July 3, 1941

Label: Best of Jazz, France, 1996



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