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John Sheridan & His Dream Band - Something Tells Me (1997)

Исполнитель: John Sheridan
Название альбома: Something Tells Me
Год выпуска: 1997
Формат файлов: mp3/320kbps
Размер архива: 163mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

A member of Jim Cullum's band since 1979 and the main arranger for the Riverwalk, Live From the Landing radio series, pianist John Sheridan has spent most of his career exploring pre-bop styles. A big fan of the swing era, when Sheridan was given the opportunity to lead this date for Arbors, he quickly put together a list of favorite songs that included both a few standards and many obscurities. It turned out that all but three of the numbers were either composed by Harry Warren or Richard Whiting. The three remaining songs are from the 1930s, were written by other composers, and were programmed at the end of the CD. In addition to the inspired repertoire ("Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride" is not exactly overrecorded these days), Sheridan gathered a versatile and talented cast of sidemen, contributing inventive arrangements. Some of the ensembles are jammed, but many are written out in the style of the swing era, with "I'd Love to Take Orders From You" making the unit sound like the John Kirby Sextet. With Randy Reinhart and Dan Barrett both capable of playing either trumpet or trombone, and saxophonists Brian Oglivie and Rob Hockett both doubling on clarinets in spots, there is no shortage of variety in instrumental colors; in addition, bassist Bob Haggart has two opportunities to whistle. A delightful set, with the highlights including "I've Got a Heartful of Music," "About a Quarter to Nine," "September in the Rain" and "Till We Meet Again." Recommended.. ~ Scott Yanow

1.Something Tells Me (3:15)
2.Japanese Sandman (6:32)
3.I've Got A Heartful Of Music (3:05)
4.Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks (3:25)
5.I Only Have Eyes For You (3:02)
6.About A Quarter To Nine (3:43)
7.I'll String Along With You (4:24)
8.September In The Rain (4:24)
9.Too Marvelous For Words (3:15)
10.Have You Got Any Castles, Baby? (4:15)
11.Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride (4:30)
12.I'd Love To Take Orders From You (2:45)
13.Silhouetted In Moonlight (3:33)
14.Till We Meet Again (8:21)
15.Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?) (4:07)
16.You Oughta Be In Pictures (3:05)
17.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (4:27)

John Sheridan-piano,leader & arranger
Randy Reinhart-trumpet,cornet & trombone
Brian Ogilvie-clarinet & tenor,alto sax
Dan Barrett-trombone & cornet
Ron Hockett-clarinet & alto sax
Reuben Ristrom-guitar
Bob Haggart-bass & whistling
Jeff Hamilton-drums


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