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John Lee & Gerry Brown - Bamboo Madness (1974)

Исполнитель: John Lee, Gerry Brown
Название альбома: Bamboo Madness
Genre: Fusion, Jazz-Funk
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: flac, mp3 320kb/s cbr
Размер архива: 260mb, 100mb
Скачать с: depositfiles

Reissue with the latest remastering and the original cover artwork. Comes with a description written in Japanese. A sweet 70s set from the ultra-hip rhythm duo of bassist John Lee and drummer Gerry Brown – working here in a European setting with loads of great reed work to support the "bamboo" vibe of the title! Flute player Chris Hinze blows both bamboo and regular flute – and the feel of the set is like some of his excellent fusion dates from the same time – but the record also has lots of great work from Gary Bartz on alto and soprano sax, plus some keyboards from Hubert Eaves and Jasper Van'T Hof – two very different players who balance out the mood nicely. Some tracks are full-on fusion, but they're offset by mellower, more introspective passages – of the sort that really let the reed players come out strongly – and titles include "Jua", "Rise On", "Who Can See The Shadow Of The Moon", "Infinite Jones", and "Deliverance". ©

Label - Solid Records Japan/Ultra-Vibe
Recorded at The Dureco Studio Weesp, Holland, 1974

Gerry Brown - drums, percussion
John Lee - bass, Fender bass, percussion
Gary Bartz - alto and soprano saxophones, slidewhistle, percussion
Chris Hinze - flute, alto and bass flute, piccolo, bamboo flute
Rob van den Broek - piano, electric piano
Wim Stolwijk - piano, voice
Hubert Eaves - piano, electric piano, percussion
Jasper van 't Hof - organ, electric piano
Henny Vonk - vocals, percussion
Howard King - percussion

01. Infinite Jones (6:43)
02. Deliverance (13:46)
03. Jua (7:07)
04. Absitively Posolutely (3:00)
05. Rise On (3:19)
06. Who Can See The Shadow Of The Moon (5:15)
07. Bamboo Madness (2:33)

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