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J & K - Betwixt & Between (1968)

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Исполнитель: J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding
Название альбома: Betwixt & Between
Год выпуска: 1968
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 63 mb
Скачать с: ifolder.ru

The second of the three K and JJ (or J & K) collaborations for A&M's CTI series takes an idea from the first - that of Baroque elaborations - and runs with it. Here, the twin trombonists link each track with a brief interlude - some by Bach, one by Prokofiev (uncredited) - for brass quintet and guitar. Indeed, there are experiments all over this quintessentially '60s project - and purists can't blame it on an outside arranger, for Johnson and Winding do all but one of the charts themselves. A lot of this record has a mild period-rock feeling marked by the edgy guitar of Joe Beck and the wonderfully funky clavinet of, yes, Roger Kellaway (who else would contribute a song entitled "Just a Funky Old Vegetable Bin") - and on one track, the trombonists hide behind the dusky sounds of Varitone octave-multiplying amplifiers. All of this is unified not by the rather self-conscious interludes but by Creed Taylor's immaculate pop-flavored production, so much so that the golden-toned trombonists are almost, but not quite, bit players on their own album. A fascinating, no doubt controversial, record.

1 Casa Forte (Edu Lobo) – 4:20
2 Bach Corale #237 (Bach)
3 Betwixt & Between (Anthony Dorsey) – 3:30
4 Plus Nine (Kai Winding)
5 Little Drummer Boy (K.Davis/H. Simeone/H.Onarati) – 2:10
6 Troika (Bach)
7 Don’t Go Love, Don’t Go (J.A. Ryan/Jim Lacey) – 3:30
8 Bach Chorale #241 (Bach)
9 Mojave (Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 3:30
10 Bach Chorale #134 (Bach)
11 Stormy (B. Buie/J.B. Cobb) – 2:40
12 Smoky (J.J. Johnson) – 3:20
13 Onion Rings Rondo (Kai Winding)
14 Wichita Lineman (Jim Webb) – 3:04
15 Bach Invention #4 (Bach)
16 Just A Funky Old Vegetable Bin (Roger Kellaway) – 3:20
17 Bach Invention #1 (Bach)
18 Willie, Come Home (J. Miller/R. George) – 3:30



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