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Lionel Hampton - His French New Sound. Vol. 1-2 (1955)

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Исполнитель: Lionel Hampton
Название альбома: Jazz in Paris - His French New Sound vol.1-2
Год выпуска: 1955
Формат файлов: Mp3 320Kbps CBR
Размер архива: Total Size 175.8Mb rar
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Disc One Rewiev:
Lionel Hampton joins forces with a number of top French musicians for this 1955 studio session, reissued in Verve's Jazz in Paris series. Three of the four compositions are Hampton's, swinging tunes arranged by Christian Chevalier. The first, "Voice of the North," is primarily for the leader's matchless vibes with the rhythm section, though individual soloists are featured, including fellow Americans Nat Adderley and Benny Bailey on trumpets and David Amram on French horn, as well as clarinetist Maurice Meunier and baritone saxophonist William Boucaya. It's just Hampton and the rhythm section (pianist René Urtreger, bassist Guy Pedersen, and drummer Jean-Baptiste Reilles) for the long workout of "À la French." The one standard of the date, "Crazy Rhythm," suffers from somewhat muddy sound, particularly the overly distant brass. Guitarist Sacha Distel, though admittedly intimidated by Hampton, rises to the leader's level of playing with a fine solo. Overall, this is an enjoyable if not quite essential CD by Lionel Hampton.
Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Tracklist Disc One
1. Voice of the North /Hampton/ 8:52
2. À la French /Hampton/ 11:53
3. Crazy Rhythm /Caesar, Meyer, Kahn/ 7:50
4. Zebu /Hampton/ 10:05

Disc Two Rewiev:
Lionel Hampton is joined by a number of top French jazz musicians plus Nat Adderley and American expatriate Benny Bailey for this 1955 studio session, playing Christian Chevalier's charts. "All the Things You Are" features the vibraphonist with the rhythm section, with strong solo efforts by guitarist Sacha Distel and pianist René Urtreger, along with the leader. The low-key, lengthy treatment of "I Cover the Waterfront" almost suggests a Jazz at the Philharmonic session, showcasing nice features for trumpeter Bernard Hullin, tenor saxophonist Maurice Meunier, Urtreger, and Hampton. Things finally seem to loosen up with Hampton's swinging riff tune "Red Ribbon," with the solid rhythm and powerful brass and reeds igniting the vibraphonist, who trades solos with several players, including French horn player Dave Amram. "Night and Day," like "I Cover the Waterfront," is stretched out considerably, but benefits from a brisker setting. A long overlooked recording, this laudable date was finally reissued by Universal in 2000 as a part of its very affordable Jazz in Paris series.
Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Tracklist Disc Two
1. All the Things You Are /Kern, Hammerstein/ 7:31
2. I Cover the Waterfront /Green, Heyman/ 14:06
3. Red Ribbon /Hampton/ 9:45
4. Night and Day /Porter/ 11:28

Disc One

Disc Two

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