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Brother Jack McDuff - Brotherly Love (1996/2000) re-up

Исполнитель: Brother Jack McDuff
Название альбома: Brotherly Love
Год выпуска: 2001
Формат файлов: Mp3 320kb/s
Размер архива: 150mb
Скачать с: Turbobit

Brotherly Love is "Brother" Jack McDuff's final recording session, and features Red Holloway and Pat Martino, both of whom were integral members of his popular '60s group. Recorded just months before his sudden death in 2001, McDuff pulls out all the stops on nine great tracks with phenomenal Hammond B-3 artistry. Two bonus tracks feature previously unreleased material that spotlights McDuff with his protégé, Joey DeFrancesco, sharing in the brotherly love. Six originals and three standards brim with McDuff's trademark soul and blues chops, all sharing stories in a language the entire world can understand — the blues. "Hot Barbecue" and "Georgia" are sure standouts, while the "live" recordings, "Pork Chops and Pasta" and "Rock Candy," add another level of excitement to this great recording. On the "live" tracks, McDuff and DeFrancesco together display their staggering Hammond B-3 organ techniques and their love of the blues and jazz that made them a presence on the soul-jazz scene. "Brother" Jack McDuff was a true soul-jazz man, and Brotherly Love captures the essence of the strong musical path he forged for more than 50 years.
~ Paula Edelstein

Label – Concord Rec.
#1-7 recorded at Sound On Sound, NYC, March 6-8, 2000
#8,9 recorded live at the 28th Concord Jazz Festival, September 29, 1996

Brother Jack McDuff - Hammond b-3
Frank Gravis – bass (1-7)
Grady Tate – drums (1-7)
Andrew Beals - alto saxophone (8,9)
John Hart – guitar (8,9)
Jerry Weldon - tenor saxophone (8,9)
Rudy Petschauer – drums (8,9)
Joey DeFrancesco - Hammond b-3 (8,9)
Pat Martino – guitar (1-7)
Red Holloway - tenor sax (1-3, 5-7), alto sax (4)

1. Hot Barbecue 5:35
2. Vas Dis 7:26
3. Kettle of Fish 5:18
4. Georgia 7:57
5. Santa Amalia 5:38
6. April in Paris 4:40
7. Time's Marchin' On 9:32
8. Pork Chops and Pasta 8:08
9. Rock Candy 11:50



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