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Il Trio Intra Tommaso Gatto - Canzoni, Preludi, Notturni (2010)

Исполнитель: Il Trio Intra Tommaso Gatto
Название альбома: Canzoni, Preludi, Notturni
Год выпуска: 2010
Label: Alfa Music
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 103,3 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

The pianist, composer and arranger milan disclaims all of his personal music vocabulary, more and more enriched by experiences, studies and research, unceasingly, continues to play, in spite of the artistic status achieved may already be fulfilling. A prosody a rich range of sounds ranging from the extraction of euro – cultured, pure improvisation with a stylistic avant-garde colleagues. Every note is measured, essential in the overall economy, musical and expressive.
It is the first time that the three musicians affect set - up instance of the same Intra - and the result is an interplay of empathy, of the jet on the excellent writing of Intra. John Thomas has personality, which puts in evidence not limited to a finishing work, but accentando the harmonies with an agility impressive. Roberto Gatto has a playing technique impeccable, which is embodied in a search for timbre constant, which reveals his background is mediterranean.
A sound collective, with a strong impact that reaches moments of high-voltage rhythmic - harmonic in the folds sound free, in the comments improvised that look at the atmosphere and not to fall (Song for Iachi). Lyricism is not an end in itself, even in the songs more melodic (Song for Sara, Nocturne for John), from which arise with sentences sharp, crystal-clear waters.
Translates a jumble of shapes for the hand of everyone, but especially thanks to Intra, mixer, with great technique and taste, of the main dialects of jazz piano modern. A reminder to all, in particular for young people, to not feel arrived and stop to study and research, after some award, any recording or concert a success. ~ Alceste Ayroldi for Jazzitalia

1 Canzone per Sara 4:15
2 Il mi di corso Venezia 4:15
3 Canzone per Iachi 6:44
4 Notturno per Giovanni 3:27
5 Canzone per Rocco 5:02
6 Notturno per Roberto 5:39
7 Notturno per Olivia 3:20
8 Preludio per Dudy 6:06
9 Bluestop 3:53

Enrico Intra, piano
Giovanni Tommaso, bass
Roberto Gatto, drums



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