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Howard Roberts - Anteloupe Freeway / Equinox Express Elevator (1971/1975)

Исполнитель: Howard Roberts
Название альбома: Anteloupe Freeway / Equinox Express Elevator
Год выпуска: 2011
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kb
Размер архива: 189 mb
Скачать с: dfiles

Antelope Freeway
1. Antelope Freeway, Part 1
2. That's America For Ya
3. Dark Ominous Clouds
4. De Blooz
5. Sixteen Track Firemen
6. The Ballad Of Fazzio Needlepoint
7. Five Gallons Of Astral Flash Could Keep You Awake For Thirteen Weeks
8. Santa Clara River Bottom
9. Roadwork

Equinox Express Elevator
10. Unfolding In
11. Timelaps
12. TTTT
13. Growing National Concern
14. 2dB, Eyes Of Blue
15. (The Single) (On This Side)
16. Real Freak Of Nature Historical Monument
17. Slam
18. Harold J. Ostly, The County Tax Assessor
19. Unfolding In (On Itself)

Arranged By, Conductor [Conducted By] – Howard Roberts (10 to 19)
Drums – Bob Morin (tracks: 1 to 9), John Guerin
Electric Bass – Brian Garofalo (1 to 9), Jerry Scheff (10 to 19), Max Bennett (1 to 9)
Electric Guitar – Mike Deasy (1 to 9)
Electric Piano – Mike Wofford (10 to 19)
Guitar, Electric Guitar – Howard Roberts
Keyboards – Larry Knechtel (1 to 9), Mike Wofford (1 to 9), Pete Robinson (1 to 9)
Organ [Yamaha] – Dave Grusin (10 to 19)
Percussion – Mayuto Correa (10 to 19)
Producer [Original LP] – Bill Szymczyk (1 to 9), Ed Michel
Synthesizer [Moog Synthesized Guitar], Vocals – Howard Roberts (tracks: 10 to 19)
Synthesizer [Moog] – Ed Michel (10 to 19)
Violin – Bobby Bruce (1 to 9)
Vocals – Diana Lee (10 to 19)

Tracks 1 to 9 originally released as Impulse A(S) 9207 1971 Howard Roberts - Antelope Freeway, recorded December 17, 1970 and March 18 and 23, 1971, at The Record Plant, Los Angeles.

Tracks 10 to 19 originally released as Impulse ASD 9299 1975 Howard Roberts - Equinox Express Elevator, recorded January 19, 1972, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles (basic tracks). The remaining parts were added at Imperial (formerly Regal, formerly Royal) Hidley Hall, Los Angeles, during the summer of 1974.

Howard Roberts (1929-1992) has had one of the most multi-facted and colorful careers in guitar history. A true Renaissance Man of the guitar, he was a brilliant jazz artist, a studio pro par excellence, a profound and insightful educator, an imaginative inventor, prolific author and deep thinker. The story of his musical journey is one the most inspiring in guitarlore.

We've been stoked on the series of 2-on-1 remastered cd reissues of classics from the vaults of avant-jazz label Impulse!, among 'em discs we've reviewed by Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler, and Gabor Szabo, with more to come.
Among the latest batch of Impulse! twofers, we discovered this one, featuring two albums, Antelope Freeway (1971) and Equinox Express Elevator (1975), by jazz guitarist Howard Roberts. No, we hadn't heard of him before, perhaps you have, apparently he did a lot of session work, and cut a number of records for Capitol as a bandleader in the '60s. We're now curious to hear those (1963's H.R. Is A Dirty Guitar Player is supposed to be really good) to see how "straight" they were, 'cause while Howard Roberts might be a bland sort of name, turns out these two Impulse! albums of his are some darn freaky records!
Well, it WAS 1971, and Roberts and his session cat colleagues were obviously turned on to the psychedelic rock scene... and drugs... so they made Antelope Freeway, a "jazz" record with tracks seamlessly flowing from one to another, interspersed and layered with field recordings of highway traffic noise on account of the album's loose 'on the road' concept. There's song titles like "The Ballad Of Fazzio Needlepoint" and "Five Gallons Of Astral Flash Could Keep You Awake For Thirteen Weeks", plenty of experimental ambience, electronic effects, and, most importantly, tasty playing. There's surreal stoner humor to it for sure, but the actual emphasis is on groovy, beautiful instrumental sounds. Lots of funky jazz-rock jamming AND wacked out weirdness...
Even a boogie track like "De Blooze", which starts out quite cliched, intentionally so (the title is a tip off), by its fifth minute has gotten quite warped...
To give you an idea where Roberts was coming from, Antelope Freeway's original sleeve includes shout outs to the Firesign Theatre (whose comedy records may have inspired the subversive, quasi-narrative sound collage elements of this album) and guitarist Joe Walsh of the James Gang. Walsh is specifically credited with "Optimization of space-time energy transformations" here, which likely has something to do with his immortal quip, "The smoker you drink, the player you get!"...
Recorded at sessions in '72 and '74, Equinox Express Elevator is just as freaky, similar to Antelope Freeway but with extra Moog synth added to the mix. Tracks range from the delicate, droney "Unfolding In", to the abstract burble and textural drift of "Real Freak Of Nature Historical Monument", to the herky-jerky "Harold J. Ostly, The County Tax Assessor".
Across the two albums, there's 19 tracks in all, each one uniquely lovely and/or strange. The cd booklet considerately contains the original artwork (front, back, gatefold interiors) for both albums. Definitely a recommended reissue twofer fer sure - much thanks to Impulse! for bringing back, and bringing to our attention, these trippy '70s jazz gems.

Label: Impulse!



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